Aaron Singerman shares his gut feelings about the modern era of bodybuilding compared to previous decades.

Aaron Singerman has been making some major moves in the bodybuilding space with the recent announcement that Kai Greene has become a Redcon1 sponsored athlete. Being a man so focused on preparing today for the future, we wanted to know his thoughts on the current state of bodybuilding. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Aaron Singerman gives his critique of today’s bodybuilders and looks towards a hopeful future.

One of Redcon1’s biggest sponsored athletes (besides the recent acquisition of Kai) is Cedric McMillan. In a sense, this tells you everything you need to know about Aaron Singerman’s preferred look in bodybuilding. So Aaron’s thoughts on modern bodybuilding might not come to a surprise – he thinks the conditioning is lacking.

He makes sure to clarify that the athletes competing today are talented and hard working. In fact, he doesn’t paint the difference in conditioning as an objectively bad thing. He just finds it different.

Aaron Singerman is also not quite sure why the conditioning is different today. He’s heard all of the possible reasons – evolution of drugs, change in drug culture, or perhaps the rise of social media having an effect. At the end of the day, Aaron doesn’t know what causes it. He also doesn’t know if it’s better or worse. But for his personal opinion, he has a preference to what he grew up with in the 90s era.

Aaron Singerman uses Kevin Levrone as the prime example of what a bodybuilder should look like in his opinion. He thinks bodybuilders today focus “more on swelling, less on definition.” This concept is what has plagued some of the most promising athletes such as Big Ramy and Roelly Winklaar. Truly mammoth competitors that falter in the small details.

Overall, Aaron Singerman has a positive outlook about bodybuilding as a whole – especially for the future. The new ownership of the Olympia brand gives him increased hope for the sport to continue to thrive. Unlike AMI, Jake Wood has been a passionate fan of the sport.

Aaron Singerman believes that if AMI still had ownership fo Olympia, it would have already been full cancelled due to the pandemic. While safety is important, having faith in finding an alternative safe way to continue on in the name of the athletes is paramount. Aaron believes that beyond safety, the livelihood of the sport most be protected during these challenging times.

So while this year has had its drawbacks, Aaron Singerman sees these decisions during hard times as proof that the Olympia and bodybuilding will continue to thrive in the future. Perhaps the fresh Olympia ownership might also lead to a change in physiques for the new generation. Once we’re out of the weeds we’ll soon find out.

You can watch Aaron Singerman’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

Derek Dufour
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