John Jewett Discusses Olympia Prep, Dangers Of Diuretics: “Can I Be Drier? That’s When Things Go Wrong”

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Men’s 212 competitor John Jewett recently discussed some dangers of prep in bodybuilding.

Men’s 212 bodybuilder John Jewett is qualified for the 2023 Olympia and is focused on his prep. Recently, he sat down for an interview to discuss this prep while sharing some dangers surrounding diuretics in bodybuilding.

Jewett is qualified for the biggest show in the sport but will look to take the route of the current Olympia champ. In October, Jewett plans to compete in Men’s Open in the 2023 Legion Sports Fest Pro. If he is able to win, he will be qualified in two divisions. Of course, this is what Shaun Clarida was able to accomplish. He ultimately decided to remain in 212 and regain his title in 2022.

This will be Jewett’s fourth appearance in the Olympia. In 2019, he finished fourth and this would be his best performance to date. Jewett finished ninth in 2021 and will now try his hand at the biggest division.

Jewett sat down for an interview on IFBB AMA with hosts Milos Sarcev and Chris Tuttle. Here, he was able to breakdown his prep, along with other issues in the sport.


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John Jewett Talks Diuretics In Bodybuilding

Diuretics is used in bodybuilding for competitors to dry out their muscles in order to look peeled on stage. The problem is, this can be a danger to health, causing severe dehydration, while competitors use them without necessarily needed to.

“It always ‘can I be even drier?’ You know, this is the thing. That’s when things go wrong. Can I be even, I said if you need to be drier, maybe you could consider it. Usually, you don’t need to but you do it anyway.”

The use of diuretics often goes hand in hand with competitors caring up and this can also be dangerous.

“You’re carving up and a lot of people are cutting water at the same time. You need water to keep your Tis moving and functioning.”


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Will John Jewett Compete In Men’s Open If Qualified?

The conversation continued where John Jewett was able to discuss his plan for prep moving forward. If he is able to qualify for both divisions, Jewett will have a decision to make.

“I need to kind of reverse-engineer my prep a bit. How fat can I get before I have to diet back down because I don’t want to stay that lean, of course. Also, there’s the health recovery aspect to account for too. Initially when I mapped out was over the next four weeks will be rewarding PEDs.

I’ll Bring my bodyweight up. I’ll already probably be around 218-219. I’ll let that drift up to a point where I’m like 12 weeks out and that’s when everything will go full-on prep.”

Jewett continued to discuss how the prep begins earlier for the Olympia because you want to make sure that all bases are hit in enough time. The goal will be for Jewett to qualify for Men’s Open and make his decision from there.

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