Mike O’Hearn confronts the constant steroids allegations against him and his view on steroids in bodybuilding as a whole.

THE BREAKDOWN – Is our first ever bodybuilding talk show hosted by Shawn Ray and Tifanny Urrea. Touching upon the most controversial, entertaining, and trending topics in bodybuilding & fitness, our hosts take a deep dive and hold nothing back. These are raw and uncut debates with clashing opinions and, hopefully, a better understanding of the current state of our sport. The Breakdown airs every Wednesday.

Mike O’Hearn guest hosts along with Shawn Ray and Tifanny Urrea in this episode of The Breakdown. Coming off the heals of the Arnold Classic 2018 – Shawn and Mike discuss what is truly important to being a bodybuilder. Is it the champion status at big competitions like the Arnold and Olympia? Or is it the personal goals met along the way. They also dig deep into the state of steroids in the industry. Would it be possible to impose effective drug tests throughout the industry? And would that hurt or help the sport’s popularity.

Finally – the big steroid question gets discussed as well. Fans often accuse Mike O’Hearn of lying when he says he is all natural. Mike confronts these speculations head on and explains why he chooses to be natural – and how a person can work hard (at a very early age) to achieve the same kind of size and conditioning as him without using drugs. Watch the full episode of The Breakdown above!

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  1. I just had the best laugh of the day seeing this, come on now. This is a new day and age. What the fuck is the point of lying about it anymore. I dont care what he does. Just dont lie and say your all natural when your clearly not lol

  2. All you have to do basically is look at his belly bottom. And notice if he has all his hair test is not a steroid. Docs give test so old men can get an erection just saying

  3. Sorry dude. I didn’t believe you in 1997 and I certainly don’t now that you are 50 damn years old. Get the fuck outta here with the argument that you gained 100 newbie pounds right outta the gates, training naturally. You’re target audience must be 15 year old special ed kids in Kansas, because you’re talking to grown ass men that aren’t buying it. I get it, you were on American Gladiators, and your lips are sealed, but until I see an advanced lab test showing you have some strange condition with natural myostatin inhibition or something, I call bs. Stop wearing And stop with the All Natty T shirts too.

  4. FUCK all these sorry pieces of shit that still say you can do this at his level natural! I had to grow up in the 80s90s thinking I could accomplish what they did by training eating and sleeping hard everyday and blew a fortune on crap supplements. It’s bad enough they’re still lying about the doses and not telling they never come off just rotate the drugs even keeping extreme doses year end and out. Gear hgh slin peptides food they spend easily 100,000$ a year 1million in a 10yr period sorry but majority of us will never be. It was fun being lied to though. FUCK YOU MIKE!

  5. Sad truth is that Mike would look like a bum without the juice! Look at Kevin Levrone back when he wasnt on the shit. All these BBs want to say its the hard work but Juice turns you into Superman! Sure genetics play a big role but why do these guys all turn into bums when they go off the shit? No offense to any BB because I love them all, I just dont love the lie!

  6. I have 100% more respect for someone who just keeps his mouth shut on the matter (because it truly is no one’s business) than I do people like O’Hearn who will lie to anyone who will listen.

  7. Lol C’mon Man It’s not a Secret anymore to Become noticed an to Hit that next level of BB you have to Juice. Funniest thing Ever Overeem in UFC was Jack to shit an He says it was Horse meat an Genetics UFC gets strict with Steroid testing look at him now lol

    • And he’s been training longer than Arnold, with the benefit of better nutrition and training techniques. Arnold’s career was very short by today’s standards

    • Matthew Langton No man, I don’t know of any 50 yr old NFL players, much less any that are a lean 260. I couldn’t care less what the dude uses, he looks phenomenal, hope I can look remotely close to that in 9 yrs. He goes out of his way to say he doesn’t use gear, he just needs to keep quiet

    • Don’t assume he is using anything. Unless he fails a test you have to take his word. Why would he need to lie in this day and age? He had nothing to gain from it.

    • Matthew Langton

      You’re either very naive or extremely gullible… or both. It’s not hating on someone when you call them out on their bullshit. Mike O’Hearn is most definitely on steroids and has been for the majority of his adult life. That’s not taking away from his physique, he’s always been in great shape, and it’s very impressive at his current age. But to say he’s not and has never taken steroids is ludicrous.

    • I don’t think you guys train, eat and rest hard enough. Your genetics maybe holding you back to. Genetic freaks do exist. They have the myostatin mutation gene like Flex Wheeler. Obviously Mike O’Hearn has it too, which is why he can achieve the muscularity of people much younger who are taking anabolic steroids.

    • Matthew Langton

      Please show me documented evidence of this mythical myostatin mutation gene in humans. I’m not debating Mike O’Hearn having great genetics and training hard and eating well, but you’re so gullible to the extremes that you simply cannot comprehend the fact that this physique is unobtainable naturally at any age, never mind at almost 50.

      Either that or you are trolling everyone on this post and doing a very good job.

    • Mmaartyynn Wwaaughh……how would I know?. You would need to ask Victor Conte.

      Originally Posted by BALCO Laboratories, Inc.
      October 1, 1998

      Re: Flex Wheeler

      To whom it may concern:

      I am writing this letter per the request of Flex Wheeler.

      I would first like to briefly provide you with some background information regarding BALCO Laboratories. BALCO has been working with elite Olympic and professional athletes for over fifteen years. BALCO has provided testing and consultation for over 250 NFL players including the entire 1998 Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos team and the entire Miami Dolphins team. BALCO works with professional athletes in many sports including teenis (Michael Chang, Jim Courier, etc.), hockey, bodybuilding (10 of the 16 1998 Mr. Olympia contestants), track and field, soccer and basketball (Seattle SuperSonics).

      BALCO Laboratories has been testing and monitoring Flex on a routine basis during the last year. We have performed tests including blood chemistry (SMAC), complete blood count (CBC), PSA, anabolic hormone levels, genotyping as well as comprehensive testing for nutritional elements. Flex’s test results have been compared to twenty-four other professional bodybuilders and overall he has one of the healthiest profiles. Basically, Flex is in excellent health and has demonstrated the discipline necessary to maintain a peak level of conditioning.

      Flex was a participant in a study we recently conducted in collaboration with the Department of Human Genetics at the University of Pittsburgh involving 62 men who made unusually large gains in muscle mass in response to strength training (extreme responders). Flex was one of only nine extreme responders that had the very rare “myostatin mutation.” Myostatin is the gene that “limits muscle growth.” Specifically, Flex had the rarest form of myostatin mutation at the “exon 2” position on the gene. This simply means Flex has a much larger number of muscle fibers compared to the other subjects or the normal population. We believe that these are the very first myostatin mutation findings in humans and the results of this landmark study have already been submitted for publication. Flex was also found to have a very unusual type of the IGF-1 gene. In fact, Flex was the only participant in the study that did not have a “match.” All of the other extreme responders had at least three other subjects with a matching IGF-1 gene. Based upon Flex’s very unique genetic profile, we plan to expeditiously publish a scientific paper that reveals his complete genotype in specific detail. The publication of his remarkable genetic data should generate an enormous amount of media exposure.

      Hope this information will be helpful and please call if I can be of assistance.


      /s/ Victor Conte
      Victor Conte
      BALCO Laboratories, Inc.

    • Ludovic Marchand…..I don’t believe Ronnie Coleman at the time of that statement was taking anything. In the latter years obviously he had to take them in small quantities like Arnold just before a show. He was always a man of great integrity and never lied. Being a law enforcement officer he was always within the law.

    • Matthew Langton you have no idea about bodybuilding and human physiology. Please don’t leave stupid comments like this because kids will believe you. I know guys that take steroids for decades and train hard and eat well and they DON’T look like mike o hearn! You can achieve this look only if you train very hard, you are genetic elit AND you take steroids

    • He’s 50 years old and looks like he’s 25 and 6’3″ and 260. Quit with the over analyzed myostatin crap. Test and tren. Even if his doses aren’t insane he’s on stuff. If your normal gym rat juices you know Mike does.

    • Justin Flex ask Victor Conte, he is the one with the scientific data from the genetic study. The Myostatin gene mutation is allowing certain people to attain muscularity that is unheard of without the use of steroids. Flex wheeler has it and assume Mike O’Hearn too.

    • Harchand Lotey, that maybe true. But then again……how man competitors on the stage have the Myostatin gene mutation given how rare it is?……I’ll let you think about that😉

  8. Shawn Ray is a piece of shit. Uses people and spends all his daughter’s money. Faggot! Only thing that’s black about him is his little brown nose that he sticks up Jim Manion’s asshole while he licks his balls and massages his feet. Shawn Ray is the biggest piece of shit ever. Take off your glasses you coked out has-been.

  9. How can this imbecile have the balls to say he is NATURAL? Really? and to entertain an idea of writing a story on him being natural is even more stupid! Get real

  10. True, genetics are the main factor. But, all natural bodybuilders I saw in 20 years are not even close to his size. He might be off circle, but difficult to believe he never used drugs.

  11. What differnce does it make? He doesn’t owe anyone an explanation of his choices one way or the other (why go into it?) He has a beautiful physique and
    that ‘s what matters. It’s his choice and business how he obtained it.

  12. My thing is, why say you are natural when you aren’t. You dont have to talk about it just don’t say you are.. it will eventually come out to the public. Someone will tell it all eventually. Like literally no one cares if he’s natural or not.

    • Maybe.. Mike has been around since I was in elementary school. Im in my mid 30s now. He always been well known and been on the front of many mag’s over the decades. He didn’t get there by saying he’s natural. He got there because he had a great physique back then and still does now. Along with all of that he has always been freakishly strong whether he was natural or not through the years.

  13. If he is natty,then i guess he should try a cycle and kick Heath’s ass…
    Once he posted in his instagram stories,a therapeutic phlebotomy at home.Obviously he did it at home,cause it ain’t easy to do it regularly at the hospital.Of course he was under erythrocytosis.
    Something induced by androgens.
    End of story

  14. OK… He is.not doing it naturally as he will need to take testosterone shots (from a doctor) as the body slows then stops producing it .. it’s called the natural aging process. Look, he may not be on “cycles” but he is taking a mix of things . It’s the grey area where he may be under a doctor’s care, which makes it “natural”. I think it’s a combo of HGH and test therapy. He is just doing it the way it was intended.

  15. En 1920…..les culturistes etaient naturels n est ce pas …..combien avait ne serait ce 1/3 de la masse et de la seche de mike ? …..aucun …et je dis 1/3 tenant compte des progres en methodologie d entrainement et de diet qui a evolue……la base a toujours ete lever des poid et manger de la viande comme aujourdui ..alors pourquoi ???…..


  17. I respect men who are not ashamed to say hey I’m on the juice. How do you expect ppl to trust your product if you’re not honest?

  18. Let’s us know when the lab results come back negative so we don’t just believe fucking words. Idc if he’s on steroids or not, but do not fake natty if you aren’t natty. It’s despicable.

  19. Of course he is natural. Certain people and I would assume Mike O’Hearn and Flex Wheeler have the Myostatin gene mutation that dies not inhibit muscle growth like average people. Victor Conti did the research in 1998 and discovered it a BALCO laboratory’s.

    • Ronnie Coleman never said that. He said he was natural UNTIL he turned pro. Many pros have backed Ronnie’s claim. Ronnie knew he would have to use gear to be competitive as a pro and he began using. He’s said that in many interviews

  20. Meh. No reason to believe he is on anything strong. He admitted doing growth in rich pianas one video where they workout at golds at 6 am. Other than that, he doesnt carry that look anymore, or most of the time.

  21. He’ll lose all his endorsements if he admits drug use so he will NEVER fess up which is understandable but he goes to such lengths to prove natty, he’s fooling no one

  22. mike otren has mental issues he is out of touch with reality, he has telling lies so long that he doesnt even realize that everybody looks at him as a lying fool.


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