Mike O’Hearn confronts the constant steroids allegations against him and his view on steroids in bodybuilding as a whole.

THE BREAKDOWN – Is our first ever bodybuilding talk show hosted by Shawn Ray and Tifanny Urrea. Touching upon the most controversial, entertaining, and trending topics in bodybuilding & fitness, our hosts take a deep dive and hold nothing back. These are raw and uncut debates with clashing opinions and, hopefully, a better understanding of the current state of our sport. The Breakdown airs every Wednesday.

Mike O’Hearn guest hosts along with Shawn Ray and Tifanny Urrea in this episode of The Breakdown. Coming off the heals of the Arnold Classic 2018 – Shawn and Mike discuss what is truly important to being a bodybuilder. Is it the champion status at big competitions like the Arnold and Olympia? Or is it the personal goals met along the way. They also dig deep into the state of steroids in the industry. Would it be possible to impose effective drug tests throughout the industry? And would that hurt or help the sport’s popularity.

Finally – the big steroid question gets discussed as well. Fans often accuse Mike O’Hearn of lying when he says he is all natural. Mike confronts these speculations head on and explains why he chooses to be natural – and how a person can work hard (at a very early age) to achieve the same kind of size and conditioning as him without using drugs. Watch the full episode of The Breakdown above!

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