5 Foods That Can Kill Your Physique

These foods could help or harm your gains.

Diet is paramount in bodybuilding. The food choices you make are responsible for whether or not you see you waistline shrink or grow. Choosing a fatty burger over a lean steak could mean that you’ll be putting on pounds in all the wrong places. Rather than having shredded abs, a chiseled chest, and ripped back you’ll have some man boobs and a muffin top for all your troubles. It’s the choices we make that shape us all and decide whether or not we’ll reach physical greatness or just be masses of gelatinous fatty tissue.

But sometimes making the right choices can still prove to do harm to your gains. Good food choices, if relied on far too often, can also prove to be just a bad for your muscle growth as some of the dirty food options out there waiting for you. Take a look at the list below for some foods that can can be great for you if eaten in moderation and could potentially kill your gains if your over indulge.


Generation Iron Pizza

At first glance this one would seem like a no brainer. After all, how could dough, cheese, and tomato sauce be any good for your gains? Well the truth of the matter is that pizza isn’t all that horrible, particularly the healthier variety with toppings of spinach, chicken, or salmon. The tomato sauce contains lycopene which may induce an anabolic reaction. That all goes out the window when you add extra cheese, sausage, or pepperoni as the fat content will skyrocket and turn all the positives to negatives.




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