Psycho Fitness comments on Brandon Curry’s Olympia win… and the harsh criticism that followed.

Psycho Fitness is credited with being a key part of what helped Shawn Rhoden achieve Olympia champion status in 2018. With Rhoden unable to compete, Psycho didn’t have a chance to prove he could train a bodybuilder into repeat Olympia victories. Regardless, he certainly has an eye for what it takes to win at the biggest show of the year. So what did he think of Brandon Curry’s big win at the Olympia 2019? Did he deserve it? And did he deserve the criticism he faced afterward? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Psycho Fitness opens up about Brandon Curry as the current Olympia champion.

By now everyone has heard about Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman’s harsh criticism of Brandon Curry’s physique at the Olympia 2019. Before Curry even had a chance to truly savor the victor, he was cut down by negative comments claiming that his physique (and by extension many other modern physiques) could not hold up to past eras of competitors. Many other athletes and experts have chimed in with their thoughts in the wake of these comments. But what does the trainer of the previous Mr. Olympia champion think?

That’s a big question we wanted to ask Psycho Fitness when we spoke with him over video chat. Psycho had three simple words for all the people who tried to dampen Brandon Curry’s Olympia win: “Shame on you.” Psycho goes on to explain that anyone can clearly see that Curry is consistently improving year after year. He was knocking at the door of Mr. Olympia even when Shawn Rhoden won previously. And the best part? Brandon Curry is still hungry to improve after already winning the Olympia. It’s a victory that should be celebrated – and Psycho had no time for the critics who tried to take that away from Curry.

Brandon Curry on the Olympia stage (above).

But is there any truth in the criticism of today’s bodybuilders as a whole? Were the 90s competitors better in terms of quality, size, and conditioning? Psycho Fitness certainly thinks that something has changed from past decades to now. He comments that pro bodybuilders in the 90s obviously looked like pros – but today’s athletes you might be surprised when they tell you they have an IFBB Pro card. Some of this is due to the fact that there are more cards going out every year. But Psycho also has a theory as to why the physiques don’t match up.

He claims that it’s all about the competition around you. This is something Mike O’Hearn also mentioned in one of our past GI Exclusive interviews. Psycho believes if Brandon Curry was competing in the 90s, he’d have a physique that looks more like other legends such as Ronnie, Dorian, Flex Wheeler, and Kevin Levrone. But Curry is fighting to match the current expectations based on other competitors. Based on what the judges are now rewarding.

So to Psycho Fitness, the quality isn’t a problem with the individual athletes. Brandon Curry would be a star no matter what era he was born into. So would any other top athlete in the sport. The problem is more of a cultural shift in the sport as a whole.

You can watch Psycho Fitness’ full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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