Ronnie Coleman Agrees That Brandon Curry Wouldn’t Place Top 6 In The 90’s

Ronnie Coleman agrees with Dorian. Doesn’t believe any of today’s bodybuilders would place top 6 in the 90’s.

Speaking recently with Valuetainment, Ronnie Coleman has put on blast all of today’s modern bodybuilders with the exception of Phil Heath. Referring to a past interview with Dorian Yates, Ronnie was asked if he agreed that Brandon Curry couldn’t even stand in the top six if he had competed in the 90’s. But Ronnie didn’t stop there. He also stated that almost all of today’s competitors wouldn’t be able to get in the top six after seeing a picture of the top bodybuilders including Dexter Jackson, William Bonac, and Roelly Winklaar among others.

“Conditioning is not the same. Look at those guys. I mean, nobody looks like they’ve been on a diet, like a real diet diet. Nobody looks in shape. They look okay, you know. You put them next to guys like me, Flex, Kevin, and Shawn, guys like that, you’re like ‘Woah that’s a big difference. They wouldn’t beat any of the guys I faced.”

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This makes Ronnie Coleman the second legendary bodybuilder to go on record stating that they are not impressed with the current quality of physiques in pro bodybuilding. Ronnies statement echoes comments made previously by Dorian Yates with Valuetainment – revealing true disappointment in today’s physiques and believing that Brandon Curry couldn’t even come close to becoming Olympia champion in his era.

Ronnie ColemanRonnie’s statements of course come quite heavy with his pedigree. Ronnie Coleman is often considered the greatest bodybuilder of all time. Also known as The King of Bodybuilding, Ronnie has won the Mr. Olympia a record eight times only to be tied with Lee Haney. His entire life story and legendary status has been chronicled in the recent documentary – Ronnie Coleman: The King (available now on all major digital platforms). Many fans look up to Ronnie as a legend – and so his words will surely have a big impact on the bodybuilding community and perhaps industry.

Ronnie Coleman does concede that this is a different era and comparing across generations isn’t necessarily fair. In the interview, he continues to state that bodybuilders will only get as good as the competition around them. If the competition doesn’t come in to push each other to the next level of physique, size, and aesthetic – then the overall quality will remain lower.

The only exception, it seems, would be Phil Heath. When asked if Phil Heath would fit into his criticism, Ronnie responded that Phil Heath would be a true threat in the 90’s and is a standout and 7x Mr. Olympia champion for a reason.

You can watch the full interview right here to hear it in his own words. Do you agree with Ronnie Coleman’s criticism of today’s physiques? Do you think it’s fair for past legends to undercut current champions by comparing them to the past? Let us know in the comments!

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