Ronnie Coleman shares his opinion on the bodybuilding world after his retirement.


Ronnie Coleman was an exceptional bodybuilder even for his own time. He became a legend because he trained harder than everyone else, often at the cost to his own personal health. So what does he think of the modern era of bodybuilding? Not only in comparison to himself but to his peers in the 90s and 2000s. In our latest GI Exclusive Vault interview, Ronnie Coleman explains why he thinks bodybuilders have it easier today than his era.

There have been a lot of debate over the past year about how the modern era of bodybuilding stacks up to past generations. This is often focusing on the quality of physiques. But when we talked to Ronnie Coleman about the modern era of bodybuilders, he had a bit of a different criticism.

During the filming of Ronnie Coleman: The King, we asked Ronnie what his opinion was on bodybuilders and bodybuilding in general after his retirement. His answer wasn’t able to make it completely into the film. That’s why we are releasing the full extended clip from our Vault.

Ronnie Coleman focused less on the physiques of modern bodybuilding but instead on other aspects – specifically what resources are available today versus his time in the sport.

“It seems like they got it a lot easier than we had it.” Ronnie Coleman states during our interview. He continues:

“I mean when I was competing they only had a few shows here or there. And now they have like 30 shows they can go to and qualify for the Olympia. When I was competing we had like four or five shows, you know? Now they got all these shows and different ways of making money and endorsements.”

Regardless of whether the physiques are better or not, Ronnie Coleman believes that bodybuilders have it overall easier. They have more opportunities to earn money, they have more equipment to train with, and they have more supplements and knowledge of how to handle their diet.

Does that mean bodybuilders had to work harder in earlier eras? Perhaps. But it also speaks to how much the industry as a whole has grown. More opportunity, more knowledge, and more resources are good things.

Yes, Ronnie Coleman makes a quick comment about how new training equipment might make lifting easier than it used to be. But he doesn’t seem to claim this as a damning statement about young bodybuilders today. Instead, it’s just an acknowledgement of how much the sport has change. Not for the better. Not for worse. Instead just something different.

It’s the kind of change that happens throughout generations in general. Not in just in sports but in life. Nearly everyone has some grandparent or parent that says, “You guys have it easy.” But that’s the goal isn’t it? To provide something better for future generations.

Does it make for better bodybuilders overall? That is up for debate and is obviously being argued right now. It’s up to you to decide on the matter.

You can watch Ronnie Coleman’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive Vault interview above. You can also watch Ronnie Coleman: The King on digital today. Click here or on the banner below to stream or download.

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