Sam Sulek Makes Protein-Packed Meal Pre-Workout: “About 100 Grams In This Breakfast”

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Sam Sulek made a massive meal before hitting a back day in the gym.

Fitness influencer Sam Sulek has taken the industry by storm and continues to grow in the fitness world as one of the up-and-coming stars in bodybuilding. Despite not competing on stage, Sulek has gained plenty of attention due to his massive physique and charisma on social media. Sulek’s diet plan has been a major topic of conversation and he continues to share different aspects of it. Recently, it was a massive pre-workout breakfast that is made up of 100 grams of protein.

Sulek has continued to blow up over the past year or so due to his insane size at a young age. He has also gained criticism over his diet plan and controversy over anabolic substances he might be taking. While some have decided to criticize, there are others who have been supportive and this includes Lee Priest.

“I feel pretty good after so last night’s ending meal, we all ordered ice cream. So, I got a half a pint of cookies and cream and a strawberry milkshake. I slept like a baby.”

Sulek joined Fouad Abiad at the Hosstile household for a pre-workout meal before hitting back in the gym.

Sam Sulek performs seated hamstring curl
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Sam Sulek Makes Massive Pre-Workout Meal

Sam Sulek has shared different cutting and bulking meals in the past. His full days of eating are packed full of protein during a bulk and this meal is no different.

  • 6 whole eggs
  • 2 cups milk
  • 2 servings Mini Wheats cereal
  • Steak

The meal featured many different protein and carbs, totaling 100 grams each. It began with steak and eggs. Sulek shared that he cut it down to just six eggs when he usually opts for 8-10.

“If I do just six eggs, that’s going to be about 36 grams of protein and two cups of milk will put me right at 50. Plus some steak, yeah, that’s about right.”


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Sulek cut down his number of eggs because he decided to substitute cereal during this meal. After seasoning the eggs with salt and pepper, he sat down to enjoy his meal.

“Let’s just chow down. we got back later in a couple of hours so I’m sure that the 80 grams of carbs plus the 24 from the milk, so about 100 in this breakfast, is going to get burned off on whatever lat pulldowns and rows and pullovers we end up doing.”

Sam Sulek continues to follow his own diet plan that works best for him while blocking out criticism. This is what he has found works best for his physique and continues to grow his physique.

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