Victor Martinez gets real about Hadi Choopan, bodybuilder prize money, and the reality of Tren and aggression

In the latest episode of the Generation Iron Podcast, hosts Victor Martinez, Ehsan Farahi, Edwin Mejia Jr., and Vlad Yudin, delves into Hadi Choopan‘s performance at the Arnold Classic USA and UK, the future of bodybuilding prize money, and whether or not Tren truly causes violent levels of aggression.

After a brief hiatus from hosting duties, Victor Martinez has returned to the podcast with plenty of new bodybuilding news to discuss. Most notably, Hadi Choopan’s hype has risen to new levels after back to back wins at the Arnold Classic USA and UK. Will it be enough to defeat the current Mr. Olympia champion, Derek Lunsford?

Speaking of the Arnold Classic, Victor Martinez gives his reaction to the increased prize money announcement by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also shares his thoughts on getting a direct callout by Jay Cutler during his lifetime achievement speech.

Lastly, the podcast dips further into the weird discussing the rising tide of adult bodybuilders drinking breast milk to help improve their diets. Is this a legit diet tactic? And has Victor ever tried it? Let’s dive in and find out!


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Steroid Myths and Realities

A fan question sparked a discussion on the notorious steroid, trenbolone, and its alleged link to aggressive behavior. Victor Martinez confirmed that while tren can heighten sexual arousal, it’s also associated with increased anger and aggression. Drawing from personal experiences, Martinez highlighted instances where individuals exhibited erratic behavior after using steroids, particularly tren. The hosts explored the misconception of “roid rage,” emphasizing tren’s unique role in this narrative.

Hadi Choopan’s Momentum

Following the Arnold Classic, speculation arose about Hadi Choopan’s trajectory towards the Mr. Olympia. Martinez expressed confidence in Choopan’s momentum, citing his standout performance at the Arnold Classic. While acknowledging Derek Lunsford as a formidable opponent, Martinez believed Choopan could secure victory with improvements in specific poses.

Friendly Rivalries and Recognition

Jay Cutler’s humorous nod to Martinez during his Lifetime Achievement Award speech prompted a lighthearted response from Martinez. Reflecting on their competitive history, Martinez commended Cutler’s enduring spirit, showcasing the camaraderie among bodybuilding veterans.

Arnold Classic Prize Money Increase

Victor Martinez welcomed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s decision to elevate the Men’s Open first-place prize money, surpassing the Mr. Olympia’s winnings for the first time. However, Martinez criticized the sluggish pace of such advancements, advocating for earlier recognition of athletes’ contributions.

The hosts deliberated on the Arnold Classic’s reduced categories compared to the Mr. Olympia, speculating on its impact on prize money distribution. Martinez underscored the importance of fan engagement in shaping competition formats, urging promoters to prioritize athlete welfare and division inclusivity.

Victor Martinez detailed the financial challenges faced by bodybuilders, emphasizing the disproportionate rewards relative to expenses. He argued for increased prize money to attract talent and elevate the sport’s prestige, addressing the disconnect between athlete dedication and compensation.

Debunking Breast Milk Trends

The hosts dismissed the purported benefits of drinking breast milk for bodybuilding, labeling it as a viral scam. Would Victor Martinez ever drink breast milk as part of his bodybuilding diet? Victor responds by confirming that he has never drank breast milk as an adult – nor does he plan to.

Martinez and his co-hosts emphasized the importance of discerning legitimate dietary practices from sensationalized trends.

Controversy at Planet Fitness

In light of Planet Fitness’ stock plummeting following a bathroom incident involving a transgender individual, Martinez offered a light-hearted remark while refraining from taking sides. The hosts steered clear of the controversy, focusing on broader fitness industry dynamics.

Wrap Up

The Generation Iron Podcast provides a candid exploration of bodybuilding culture, debunking myths, analyzing competitions, and addressing industry controversies. Through insightful discussions and expert commentary, Martinez and his co-hosts offer invaluable perspectives on the evolving landscape of bodybuilding.

You can watch the full episode above. And don’t forget to check back every week for new episodes only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network or wherever podcasts are downloaded!

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