Whether bulking or meticulously prepping for a competition – this is what it looks like when bodybuilders eat.

A bodybuilding physique isn’t built in the gym, it’s built in the kitchen. That’s a common phrase you hear said regarding fitness and bodybuilding and it’s partly true. While the gym is very important for building up muscle… you won’t get truly shredded if you don’t eat right. But there are two very different modes of a bodybuilding diet – bulking and cutting. When bulking you will see bodybuilders eating mass amounts of food (and for some – mass amounts of cheat food). But while cutting or prepping for a competition – diets become very meticulous down to the gram. This latest video by Bodybuilding For Life shows just what it looks like to live the bodybuilding lifestyle when it comes to food. Check it out above!

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  1. Bodybuilding diet with all the protein intake consumed and processed inside your system, should raise a question on the relationship between higher protein diets and kidneys problems and failures


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