Ric Drasin breaks down when the pursuit of mass monster size is the wrong move.

These days, mass monster size is the main goal for the Men’s Open bodybuilding division. That freak factor has always been important but what we consider “freak” has changed over the years. We used to think Arnold Schwarzenegger was a freak of nature – now he would be considered Classic Physique.

This change of perception is common in any sport, industry, or culture. It’s a fact of life that things change from decade to decade. But for bodybuilding and mass monster size, when does it become dangerous? When is it unnecessary to build up that freak monster size?

Ric Drasin throws in his two cents on the topic in his latest Ric’s Corner video. He breaks down his opinion on when the pursuit of mass monster size goes too far and how to see warning signs on your journey to improve your physique. Watch it above!

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