Brett Wilkin Pulls Out Of 2023 Olympia Due To Digestive Issues

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Brett Wilkin explained his issues that will keep him out of the 2023 Olympia.

Men’s Open bodybuilder Brett Wilkin announced on Monday that he will not compete during the 2023 Olympia. The decision to pull his name out of the Mr. Olympia competition came due to digestive issues that have caused him to lose weight and impact his overall prep for the show. Coming in with low enough body fat and a good amount of muscle mass is crucial, and something like gut health can really affect the prep process.

Wilkin burst onto the scene quickly in the biggest division in bodybuilding. During the 2022 Arnold Classic, Wilkin finished sixth and continued to improve following the show. This year, Wilkin was victorious during the Big Man Weekend Pro. This victory earned him a spot in the 2023 Olympia but he will not be competing and will begin to prepare for the 2024 year.

Wilkin took to Instagram to explain how he came to this decision.

“This is going to be one of the harder videos I’ve ever had to make before. It took the last few days to bring together and actually talk about it with the decision. With that being said, I will not be competing at the Mr. Olympia here in four weeks time.”

Brett Wilkin Talks Digestive Issues

Brett Wilkin explained how he has been dealing with gastrointestinal issues and that was the reason he decided to pull out of the show. His body was not responding the way it should be at this time and it led to problems internally.

“The body was not responding as it should be from the get-go. I had some earlier red flags and just kind of hid that and that progressed into me not being able to keep food down, keep meals down. I was vomiting a meal or two a day, which then I would try to replace. I was nauseous, I was dizzy and paired that with some unwinding diarrhea issues as well, that I was hiding and dealing with those by myself.”

The overall issues that Brett Wilkin was dealing with began impacting his results in the gym as well.

“To push through the training that was going bad, my bodyweight dropped. I think I lost 15-17 pounds in the last two weeks.

My body was fighting me. I was getting no response in the gym. It came to a breaking point, kind of an ugly breaking point where I had to address it with, not only Matt and the people around me, we made the decision to back off everything involved in the prep. I haven’t trained in 14 or 15 days.”

Brett Wilkin will take this time to rest, both physically and mentally. He ended the video by saying he will make his return to the stage with the help of his team and support that he has with him.

“I will be back. This isn’t something that is chronicled, hopefully. The last few days have been better. De-stressing has helped a little bit. I still can’t eat like I want to but I imagine that will get better with time and that’s all I need here.”

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