Arnold Classic 2022 Full Results For All Divisions

Brandon Curry wins Men’s Open at the Arnold Classic 2022!

The 2022 Arnold Classic returned to its normal time of the first week in March to begin the bodybuilding season. There was a full slate of events planned all throughout the weekend after the 2021 show was cut down due to the pandemic. There were a total of seven divisions in competition over the weekend event. Brandon Curry headlined the event with a win in Men’s Open!

The Men’s Open lineup was hit hard with many names dropping out over the course of the last five weeks. Entering the weekend, Curry was considered the favorite because of his incredible success in recent years. William Bonac made his return to the stage after missing last year’s competition while Steve Kuclo was looking to build off a third place finish in September.

The 2022 Arnold Classic consisted of a total of eight divisions:

Day one showcased the Men’s Open pre-judging seemingly placing either Brandon Curry or William Bonac into the lead position. But the battle was hard fought and it can still be anyone’s game. Justin Rodriguez and Steve Kuclo evened out the top 4. You can check out the full pre-judging callout report recap right here.

As we head into tomorrow’s results – we can also expect the Ed Corney Most Muscular Award being awarded to a top competitor as well as Franco Columbu Best Posing Routine Award.

The full results for day one have been announced. Check out our full breakdown of each division at the Arnold Classic 2022 results below.

Arnold Classic 2022 Winners

Here are the first place winners for each division at the Arnold Classic 2022.

  • Men’s Open: Brandon Curry
  • Classic Physique: Terrence Ruffin
  • Fitness: Ariel Khadr
  • Figure: Cydney Gillon
  • Pro Wheelchair: Gabriele Andriulli
  • Men’s Physique: Erin Banks
  • Bikini: Lauralie Chapados
  • Wellness: Isabelle Nunes

Brandon Curry Arnold Classic 2022

Arnold Classic 2022 Men’s Open Results

  • First Place – Brandon Curry ($200,000)
  • Second Place – William Bonac ($120,000)
  • Third Place – Steve Kuclo ($70,000)
  • Fourth Place – Samson Dauda ($37,500)
  • Fifth Place – Justin Rodriguez ($20,000)
  • Sixth Place – Brett Wilkin ($12,500)
  • Seventh Place – Regan Grimes
  • Eight Place – Maxx Charles
  • Ninth Place – Fabio Giga Rezende

Arnold Classic 2022 Most Muscular Award

  • William Bonac

Arnold Classic 2022 Best Posing Routine Award

  • Brandon Curry

Previous Winners

  • 2021: Nick Walker
  • 2020: William Bonac
  • 2019: Brandon Curry
  • 2018: William Bonac
  • 2017: Cedric McMillan
  • 2016: Kai Greene
  • 2015: Dexter Jackson

Terrence Ruffin

Arnold Classic 2022 Classic Physique Results

Classic Physique attempted to steal the show on Friday night. Terrence Ruffin was crowned champion at the Arnold Classic 2022 in the Classic Physique division for the second consecutive year. This was a very top-heavy division and it showed during prejudging. Ruffin headlined the callouts, along with Ramon Rocha Queiroz and Breon Ansley. Urs Kalecinski rounded out a group of four competitors who were all top-five finishers at the 2021 Olympia.

  • First Place – Terrence Ruffin ($60,000)
  • Second Place – Ramon Rocha Queiroz ($30,000)
  • Third Place – Urs Kalecinski ($20,000)
  • Fourth Place – Breon Ansley ($7,000)
  • Fifth Place – Michael Daboul ($4,000)
  • Sixth Place – Peter Molnar ($2,000)
  • Seventh Place – Divine Wilson
  • Eighth Place – Darwin Uribe
  • Ninth Place – Lenny Wicks

Ariel Khadr

Arnold Classic 2022 Fitness Results

For the second consecutive year, Truscott and Khadr were highlighted in the final callout during prejudging. As we have seen in the past, results can change come the finals. Jaclyn Baker also impressed during prejudging and gave herself a chance to jump in the final results. This ended up being the top three as Khadr earned her first Arnold Classic victory.

  • First Place – Ariel Khadr ($25,000)
  • Second Place – Missy Truscott ($13,000)
  • Third Place – Jaclyn Baker ($8,000)
  • Fourth Place – Kate Errington ($5,000)
  • Fifth Place – Tamara Vahn ($3,000)
  • Sixth Place – Allison Kramer ($2,000)
  • Seventh Place – Minna Pajulahti
  • Eighth Place – Aurika Tyrgale
  • Ninth Place – Sara Kovach
  • Tenth Place – Amanda Ciani

Winner Header

Arnold Classic 2022 Figure Results

Jessica Reyes Padilla and Lola Montez impressed during prejudging and put themselves in position to make a move. In the end, Gillon was just a bit too strong. She is the reigning five-time Olympia champion. She was a big favorite coming into the event and did not disappoint.

  • First Place – Cydney Gillon ($16,000)
  • Second Place – Jessica Reyes Padilla ($10,000)
  • Third Place – Lola Montez ($8,000)
  • Fourth Place – Nicole Zenobia Graham ($5,000)
  • Fifth Place – Natalia Soltero ($3,000)
  • Sixth Place – Bojana Vasiljevic ($2,000)
  • Seventh Place – Latoya Farley
  • Eighth Place – Larhannah Robinson
  • Ninth Place – An Da-Jong
  • Tenth Place – Wendy Fortino


Arnold Classic 2022 Pro Wheelchair Results

The Pro Wheelchair division in bodybuilding continues to grow each year and it has become staples at the two biggest bodybuilding shows of the season over the years. The Olympia and Arnold Classic have featured Pro Wheelchair and this has helped grow popularity in the division. After missing out on the action in 2021, the division returned this time around and saw Gabriele Andriulli pull off an upset over Harold Kelley.

  • First Place – Gabriele Andriulli
  • Second Place – Harold Kelley
  • Third Place – Bradley Betts
  • Fourth Place – Chad McCrary

Arnold Classic 2022 Men’s Physique Results

On Saturday night, Erin Banks was crowned champion at the Arnold Classic 2022 in the Men’s Physique division. During prejudging, Banks displayed a presence on stage that was difficult to match. He showed incredible conditioning and size, especially his back and lats.

  • First Place – Erin Banks
  • Second Place – Emmanuel Hunter
  • Third Place – Diogo Montenegro
  • Fourth Place – Antoine Weatherspoon
  • Fifth Place – Choi Bong-Seok
  • Sixth Place – Terrence Teo Kok Hua
  • Seventh Place – Riccardo Croci
  • Eighth Place – Daniel Leone
  • Ninth Place – Drelyn Hunt

Arnold Classic 2022 Wellness Results

After makings its debut at the Olympia in October, Wellness appeared at the Arnold Classic for the first time over the weekend. In the end, it was Isabelle Nunes who took home the inaugural title at the event. Nunes stood out immediately in prejudging from a group that appeared on the Olympia stage months ago.

  • First Place – Isabelle Nunes
  • Second Place – Angela Borges
  • Third Place – Sunny Andrews
  • Fourth Place – Julia Chitarra
  • Fifth Place – Yarishna Ayala
  • Sixth Place – Kassandra Gillis
  • Seventh Place – Barbara Cesar
  • Eighth Place – Lorena Ragusa
  • Ninth Place – Devyn Cambre
  • Tenth Place – Casey DeLong

Arnold Classic 2022 Bikini Results

The Bikini International division is one that has been growing year to year. It was part of the Arnold Classic last year and has become extremely popular at the biggest events of the season. During this year’s competition, it was Lauralie Chapados who impressed during prejudging and was able to turn that into a victory during the finals.

  • First Place – Lauralie Chapados
  • Second Place – Maureen Blanquisco
  • Third Place – Ashley Kaltwasser
  • Fourth Place – Elisa Pecini
  • Fifth Place – Jourdanne Lee
  • Sixth Place – Alessia Facchin
  • Seventh Place – Lucia Malavaze
  • Eighth Place – Lauren Dannenmiller
  • Ninth Place – Phoebe Hagan
  • Tenth Place – Allison Testu

Official Score Cards

Arnold Classic 2022 Score CardWellnessMen's PhysiqueBikiniPro WheelchairClassic Physique



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