Terrence Ruffin Details Diet Plan Used Heading Into Arnold Classic

Terrence Ruffin won his second Arnold Classic title in March and he had a specific diet plan leading into the event.

Terrence Ruffin has asserted himself as one of the top competitors in Classic Physique. This is a division that is growing in popularity each year. During the 2022 Arnold Classic, Ruffin won his second consecutive title and gained some momentum for the rest of the season. He was also named Best Poser at the show. Ruffin has sculpted a championship-caliber physique using a combination of training and a rock-solid diet plan.

In a recent YouTube video, Ruffin took viewers through a full day of eating preparing for competition. Ruffin finished second to Chris Bumstead at the 2021 Olympia and will need to continue to make improvements if he wants to knock off the three-time champ. With the talent in Classic Physique, Ruffin knows that he has to stay at the top of his game.

This diet plan that he followed is one used to stay shredded and look his best on stage. Let’s take a look at a full day of eating that Terrence Ruffin used heading into March.

Terrence Ruffin Diet Plan

Meal One

Ruffin begins his day with a protein shake loaded with cream of rice, which is used for texture. This is a pre-workout shake that Ruffin makes sure to take and add his supplements.

  • 50 grams Whey protein
  • 50 grams cream of rice
  • 10 grams almond butter
  • Steel Supplements ADA Load
  • Steel Supplements Focused AF

Meal Two

It is interesting that this meal was referred to as meal three but he did not share the many meals in the video. He does not eat many meals during this phase of his training. It is not his favorite part of training but it makes it worth it come competition days.

  • 90 grams chicken
  • 100 grams cucumbers
  • Salt

Terrence Ruffin does not eat many meals during the days leading up to a competition. This is when he likes to focus on other things, such as reading or watching TV. This is done to keep his mind off food for the time being. 

Ruffin will now kick himself into high gear of preparation for the 2022 Olympia, which will take place on Dec. 16-18 in Las Vegas. This year’s Classic Physique division has a chance to be extremely entertaining with the amount of talent that keeps emerging.

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