2023 Generation Iron Bodybuilding Awards

The Official 2023 Bodybuilding Awards Winners Have Been Announced!

Presented by Iron Bull Strength.

The judges have already cast their vote at the 2023 Mr. Olympia – now it was time for the FANS to decide who the true best athletes of 2023 really were! Our team of experts have selected nominees in over 15 bodybuilding and strength sports categories. Vote now and help decide the FAN CHOSEN best athletes of the year. The votes have been counted and we now have the list of our official FAN CHOSEN winners of 2023. See the results below.

2023 Best Male Athlete Chris Bumstead

The best male competitor regardless of division or league within bodybuilding. Results below:

Chris Bumstead – 54%
Ramon Rocha Quieroz – 24%
Derek Lunsford – 10%
Samson Dauda – 6%
Ryan Terry – 4%
Keone Pearson – 1%
Karol Milewski – 1%

2023 Best Female Athlete Francielle Mattos

The best female competitor regardless of division. Results Below:

Francielle Mattos – 43%
Natalia Abraham Coelho – 27%
Missy Truscott – 7%
Andrea Shaw – 5%
Angela Yeo – 4%
Jessica Reyes Padilla – 4%
Oksana Grishina – 4%
Jennifer Dorie – 2%
Sarah Villegas – 2%
Cydney Gillon – 2%

2023 Bodybuilding Awards Best Arms Chris Bumstead

The biggest, most bulging biceps. The toughest forearms. The tightest triceps. Results below:

Chris Bumstead – 31%
Nick Walker – 22%
Michal Krizo – 18%
Samson Dauda – 10%
Derek Lunsford – 10%
Andrew Jacked – 4%
Andrea Shaw – 3%
Brandon Hendrickson – 1%
Sarah Villegas – 1%

2023 Bodybuilding Awards Best Chest Chris Bumstead

Often the favorite of many bodybuilders – here’s the bodybuilder with the very best chest of all. Results below:

Chris Bumstead – 48%
Hadi Choopan – 20%
Samson Dauda – 9%
Urs Kalecinski – 8%
Derek Lunsford – 6%
Nick Walker – 4%
Shaun Clarida – 2%
Brandon Curry – 2%

2023 Bodybuilding Awards Best Legs Neckzilla

Never. Skip. Leg Day. These bodybuilders did the seemingly impossible and sculpted the perfect legs that stand out above all others. Results below:

Rubiel “Neckzilla” Mosquera – 65%
Ramon Rocha Quieroz – 9%
Chris Bumstead – 9%
Hadi Choopan – 6%
Derek Lunsford – 5%
Nick Walker – 3%
Keone Pearson – 2%
Andrea Shaw – 1%
Sarah Villegas – 1%

2023 Bodybuilding Awards Best Back Ramon Rocha Queiroz

The most mammoth back of 2023. The kind that look like mountains or batwings or Christmas trees. Results below:

Ramon Rocha Queiroz – 65%
Derek Lunsford – 19%
Chris Bumstead – 9%
Hadi Choopan – 2%
Nick Walker – 1%
Samson Dauda – 1%
Ruff Diesel – 1%
Andrea Shaw – 1%
Keone Pearson – 1%

2023 Bodybuilding Awards Up-And-Comer Rubiel Mosquera

The new generation keeps creeping up against the current all star titans. It’s time to decide which bodybuilder has the fastest rising star in 2023. Results below:

Rubiel “Neckzilla” Mosquera – 51%
Taylor Learmont – 24%
Carlos Thomas Jr. – 17%
Behrooz Tabani – 7%
Bodebi Ndokuro – 1%

2023 Bodybuilding Awards Most Improved Derek Lunsford

These bodybuilders all have one thing in common: they transformed tremendously over the past year. Which bodybuilder had the most impressive improvement since last year? Results below:

Derek Lunsford – 29%
Samson Dauda – 25%
Ryan Terry – 24%
Keone Pearson – 14%
Regan Grimes – 7%

2023 Bodybuilding Awards Best Posing Chris Bumstead

Posing is more than just showcasing your physique – it’s about originality and engaging the audience. So which of these bodybuilders had the most electrifying posing routine of 2023? Results below:

Chris Bumstead – 37%
Ruff Diesel – 32%
Urs Kalecinski – 24%
Andrew Jacked – 4%
Shaun Clarida – 2%

2023 Bodybuilding Awards Best Pro Fitness Routine Jaclyn Baker

The Pro Fitness division posing routines are their own beast entirely. That’s why our new category highlights the best Pro Fitness routines of the year! Results below:

Jaclyn Baker – 52%
Taylor Learmont – 18%
Oksana Grishina – 12%
Ariel Khadr – 5%
Sara Kovach – 5%
Michelle Fredua-Mensah – 5%
Whitney Jones – 3%

2023 Bodybuilding Awards Most Shredded Ramon Rocha Queiroz

These are the driest, grainiest, tight as hell bodybuilders showcasing the most shredded of the bunch in 2023. Results below:

Ramon Rocha Queiroz – 68%
Chris Bumstead – 11%
Hadi Choopan – 10%
Ryan Terry – 4%
Shaun Clarida – 2%
Sarah Villegas – 2%
Derek Lunsford – 2%
Keone Pearson – 1%
Erin Banks – 1%

2023 Bodybuilding Awards Best Strength Athlete Tom Stoltman

Who can lift the most weight and display their strength as the greatest in the world? This new category highlights the most talented strength athletes across sports such as Strongman, Powerlifting, and more! Results below:

Tom Stoltman – 31%
Rebecca Roberts – 21%
Mitchell Hooper – 19%
Julius Maddox – 14%
Oleksii Novikov – 6%
Evan Singleton – 6%
Trey Mitchell – 2%

2023 Bodybuilding Awards Best Guru Hany Rambod

Who was the best guru coaching and molding the top bodybuilders to compete? Results below:

Hany Rambod – 35%
Fran Espin – 29%
Chris Aceto – 23%
Milos Sarcev – 6%
Matt Jansen – 3%
Chris Cormier – 2%
Chad Nichols – 2%

2023 Bodybuilding Awards Personality Of The Year Jay Cutler

Some bodybuilders are popular outside of pure competition – namely because of their larger than life personalities. It’s time to decide who has the best bodybuilding personality of the bunch. Results below:

Jay Cutler – 50%
Sam Sulek – 17%
Nick Walker – 15%
Mike O’Hearn – 7%
Larry Wheels – 4%
Blessing Awodibu – 3%
Victor Martinez – 2%
Craig Golias – 1%

2023 Bodybuilding Awards Influencer of the Year Sam Sulek

There are movers and shakers in the fitness industry regardless of their own personal physique. It’s time to decide who the biggest fitness influencers are of 2023! Results below:

Sam Sulek – 55%
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – 28%
Kai Greene – 7%
Derek (More Plates More Dates) – 4%
Alex Eubank – 1%
Joseph Baena – 1%
CT Fletcher – 1%
Bradley Martyn – 1%
Mike Rashid – 1%
David Michigan – 1%
Kyle Landi – 1%

2023 Bodybuilding Awards Best Entrepreneur Lee Labrada

In the bodybuilding & fitness industry there are behind the scenes entrepreneurs working tirelessly to innovate the sport via business. Who is the best entrepreneur in bodybuilding for 2023? Results below:

Lee Labrada – 28%
Tamer El Guindy – 24%
Jake Wood – 13%
Rich Gaspari – 11%
Phil Graham – 8%
Dom Iacovone – 7%
Angel Bajaña – 5%
Gurmer and Robby Chopra – 2%
Gerard Dente – 2%

Best Male Athlete 2023

Derek Lunsford: It’s hard to imagine that only two years ago, Derek Lunsford was a Men’s 212 competitor with an Olympia win under his belt. Fast forward to today, and he is now the 2023 Mr. Olympia in the Men’s Open devision. Many believe he can hold that title for years to come. Truly one of the best athletes of the year, and perhaps, even beyond.

Hadi Choopan: Despite losing the Mr. Olympia title to Derek Lunsford this year, this was one of the best physiques of Choopan’s career. He may not have earned the title, but he was damn close and is still one of the best bodybuilders currently competing.

Samson Dauda: 2023 Arnold Classic champion and third place winner at the 2023 Mr. Olympia. Samson Dauda exploded onto the scene in 2022 and solidified his power this year. He will certainly be able to keep the likes of Derek Lunsford and Hadi Choopan on their toes if he keeps this up – and makes a case for being one of the best male athletes of 2023.

Chris Bumstead: Bumstead won his fifth consecutive Classic Physique Olympia trophy this year. He continues to be the gold standard to beat in the Classic Physique division and promises to return to defend his fifth title next year – having said he “unlocked” new potential that he can’t wait to pursue in 2024.

Ramon Rocha Queiroz: If there is one person who may be able to derail Chris Bumstead’s ongoing Olympia run, it’s Dino Ramon. This Classic Physique competitor has improved year over year and is the only one who can hold a candle to the gold standard that is Chris Bumstead. He may not have taken the Olympia crown this year – but he was close and showcased that next year may not be easily won for cbum.

Keone Pearson: In 2022, Keone Pearson landed sixth place at the Men’s 212 Olympia competition. This year, he jumped up six places and defeated the Giant Slayer, Shaun Clarida, for the Men’s 212 Olympia victory. This victory wasn’t a cake walk – Clarida showcased one of the best physiques of his career and was still bested by the incredible improvements Keone made in 2023.

Ryan Terry: Much like Keone Pearson in Men’s 212, 2022 wasn’t the kindest to Ryan Terry during the 2022 Men’s Open Olympia competition. He ultimately landed seventh place. One year later, Ryan Terry not only improved his physique tremendously, he also rose up to become the 2023 Men’s Physique Olympia champion. 

Karol Milewski: After years of dominance, Harold “King Kong” Kelley was dethroned in the 2023 Wheelchair Olympia competition by Karol Milewski. Starting what might be a new era of dominance on the Wheelchair Olympia stage. 

Best Female Athlete 2023

Andrea Shaw: In the fourth year of the return of the Ms. Olympia, Andrea Shaw stood above the competition with a complete and massive physique. It seems her Ms. Olympia reign is set for years to come – let’s see if she can hold onto it in 2024.

Angela Yeo: Angela Yeo went toe-to-toe with Shaw during the 2023 Ms. Olympia competition. And while she couldn’t topple the Women’s Bodybuilding titan, she was able to secure a runner up spot. This sets her up to be the biggest threat to Shaw’s dominance going into 2024. And places her as one of the best female athletes of this year.

Cydney Gillon: With a repeat first place victory in the Figure Olympia 2023, there’s no denying that Cydney is a powerful force in female bodybuilding and might remain so for many years to come.

Jessica Reyes Padilla: While Cydney Gillon’s reign was not derailed, Jessica Reyes Padilla came damn close to taking the 2023 Figure Olympia title. Landing in second place, Padilla stands tall as one of the top female athletes of this year.

Sarah Villegas: Returning with a fury after being knocked out of her champion title last year, Sarah Villegas returned to the stage with an incredible physique and enough talent to reclaim her throne at the 2023 Women’s Physique Olympia.

Natalia Abraham Coelho: Last year’s Women’s Physique Olympia champion, Coelho still went toe-to-toe with Sarah Villegas. Making her return to champion status not an easy one. Despite Coelho getting second place, she still stands tall as one of the best females in bodybuilding this year.

Oksana Grishina: After missing the 2022 Fitness Olympia due to an injury, Oksana Grishina returned to the stage and also reclaimed her title by winning the 2023 Fitness Olympia competition. 

Jennifer Dorie: She was crowned champion at the 2021 Bikini Olympia before being topped by Maureen Blanquisco last year. When it was all said and done, Dorie was able to regain her title this year at the Olympia. She’ll have a fight on her hands for years to come – but as of now she stands tall as the best Bikini competitor and one of the best female athletes of the year.

Francielle Mattos: Defending her title and claiming yet another victory, Mattos won the 2023 Olympia in the Wellness division. A relatively new division for the Olympia, she is setting the global standard for what Wellness physiques must live up to.