Raymont Edmonds reveals his atypical bodybuilding contest prep and the reason he lifts like Jay Cutler.

Raymont Edmonds is a former Men’s Physique Olympia champion and one of the top names in his division. That’s why in our most recent interview, we asked him to go into detail about his contest prep training and diet. How does he build one of the best physiques in Men’s Physique. The answer is a bit atypical than you usually hear from competitors. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Raymont Edmonds explains his training plan inspired by Jay Cutler and his surprising diet and sleep regiment. 

We connected via video chat with Raymont Edmonds shortly after the Olympia 2020 competition. While he didn’t repeat his Men’s Physique Olympia win, he cam just behind in second and still maintains one of the best Men’s Physique in the sport. That’s why we dove deep into his training schedule and overall diet during his contest prep.

Upon going into detail about his contest prep routine, it becomes immediately clear that he is not following a typical bodybuilder plan. Raymont Edmonds is completely aware of that. He understand that his genetics are extremely well suited for the Men’s Physique division. This provides him with some leeway in the small details revolved around his routine.

Don’t let that dismiss his work ethic. To obtain an Olympia-winning physique you must be dedicated to the craft. If anything, Raymont Edmond’s breakdown of his contest prep showcases just how different training and diet can be depending on how your body reacts.

Raymont Edmond’s Contest Prep Diet

Raymont starts off by explaining he doesn’t follow the standard bodybuilding diet. Meaning he doesn’t simply focus on a cycle of constantly eating chicken or rice. He actually focuses most on making sure he eats enough food to maintain his muscle size. He’s a naturally skinny guy and finds it hard to consume the amount of calories he needs.

While he doesn’t eat unhealthy (aka sweets and salty snacks), he does consume carbs such as bagels and bread. He admits to “going hard” on how much he eats during his contest prep. It’s only when he’s exactly one month away from competing that he dials it in and focuses on specific macros in his diet.

Raymont Edmonds Training

Raymont then moves onto his training regiment. He avoids focusing on lifting hardcore with heavy lifts. In fact, he’s most inspired by past Olympia champions like Jay Cutler. He understands that his main goal is to look good and not to showcase ego lifts. That’s why Jay Cutler inspired him.

While Cutler may be in a completely different division, he has always admitted to not being obsessed with massive size. In retrospect, he has even admitted that he didn’t like his Olympia winning look and size. He simply did it to win. Upon retiring, he was able to go back to a physique he was more personally happy with.

That kind of mentality led to Jay Cutler focusing on higher volume with lighter weights than going heavy and hardcore similar to Ronnie Coleman. Raymont Edmonds finds that to be the best approach for him.

Raymont Edmonds also admits that he hardly does any cardio. He claims to have only done five sessions of cardio during his prep for the Olympia 2020. Again, he admits this is largely due to his genetics. He doesn’t necessarily recommend that tactic for everyone.

Wrap Up

To top it all off, Raymont Edmonds also revealed that he has trouble getting the right amount of sleep. He believes this is in large part due to his past career working late night shifts. He rarely gets a full eight hours of sleep and tries to take naps when necessary.

As you can see, Edmonds has quite an atypical contest prep routine. Instead of strict rules, he focuses on dedication and hard work while listening to his body. He goes with the flow. This is something his high-quality genetics afford him.

You can watch Raymont Edmonds explain his contest prep in full detail by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.