Whether it’s this year or a 2020 comeback… will Phil Heath be able to win?

Just because you lose one Olympia doesn’t mean you can’t come back and win again. We’ve seen that happen before (take for example Jay Cutler). But the question is will this be the case for Phil Heath? Unlike Jay Cutler, Phil Heath didn’t lose in the early stages of his Olympia reign. Instead, Phil Heath lost after seven years of champion status. So yes, Phil Heath might have just had a bad year – but this could also be the beginnings of his natural decline. No one can stay a champion forever and as people age so too do their talents.

Of course, we are at a place right now where we can’t tell. Phil is most likely not competing this year but might perhaps come back for some 2020 revenge. So all we can do is speculate as to whether or not Phil Heath can actually win if he decides to try again.

Content partner Williams Fitness has put together a video breaking down his thoughts on whether or not we already witnessed the end of Phil Heath, or if we simply are experiencing a lull that will eventually end – and perhaps we’ll see Mr. Olympia champ Phil Heath crowned again. Check it out above and let us know what you think!

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