Dennis James has no plans to comeback… because late stage comebacks never work out.

Dennis James is back to answering fan questions on social media. The latest question asked? Will Dennis ever come back to compete? In the video compiled here by Fazi Fitness, Dennis answers swiftly and surely – no. He has no plans to compete again. His reasoning being that late stage or long term comebacks just don’t work. If you are a bodybuilder in your 50’s and plan to start training and return back to your prime… you’ll never truly hit the same level as your younger self. So why go up against younger and fresher pros that will most definitely beat you?

Looking back at recent comebacks can be evidence that Dennis James is right – but one can’t dispel the excitement these comebacks cause. What do you think? Are these kinds of comebacks good or bad for the sport? Watch the video clip above and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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