Dennis James: You can’t get more classic than Chris Bumstead.

Dennis James has been on a roll with Olympia 2018 related video posts and predictions. His latest? Predicting who will land first place at the Olympia Classic Physique this year. His answer is a confident one. A prediction he believes without a doubt in his mind. Chris Bumstead is the sure-fire person to win the Classic Physique Olympia trophy. And as far as Dennis is concerned, he believes that Bumstead will hold that first place Olympia title for many more years to come.

Could this be the beginning of a settling in the results of the Classic Physique division? Will we soon have another Phil Heath or Flex Lewis on our hands? An unbeatable champion setting the bar way higher than any other competitor can achieve? Only time will tell – but Dennis James believes that we should all expect to see the champion Chris Bumstead for quite some time.

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