It looks like Big Ramy is dropping size after his disappointing Olympia 2018 showing.

One of the biggest criticisms of Big Ramy at the Olympia 2018 was that his size was just way to big. After a promising showing at the Olympia 2017 (one that seemed to prove his conditioning problems were a thing of the past), he fell right back into the problem that’s persisted his entire career. He’s just too big and unable to dry out to supreme shredded-ness.

Since the Olympia 2018, Big Ramy has left Oxygen gym and seeking a new tactic for next year. It already seems to be leading to big change as this recent comparison video, compiled by Williams Fitness, shows that Big Ramy looks to be dropping size. Perhaps focusing less on the “big” in his name will be a way to make him a future Olympia champion. Only time will tell – but for now check out the video above and speculate!

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