Jose Raymond: Cody Montgomery should take his time in Men’s Open rather than be a favorite in Men’s 212.

Rewind a year or so ago – and Cody Montgomery was a big hyped favorite in the bodybuilding industry. He became pro at such a young age and has such an incredible physique – many believed that given time he would become a Mr. Olympia champion. The key word here is time. Cody ended up placing low at the Mr. Olympia in Men’s Open and later decided to change divisions so that he has a better chance.

According to Jose Raymond, this is because Cody is so passionate and hungry to win that he wants the gratification now… but if he stuck with Men’s Open and took his time to “enjoy training” for a few years, he would become one of the best Men’s Open competitors in the pack.

At the end of the day, Cody has a A LOT of time on his side – and perhaps his jumping between different divisions is just a different way for him to experiment with that time. Perhaps after these few years he will jump back into Men’s Open with more experience and muscle maturity and surprise everyone again. Who knows. But Jose Raymond thinks he is currently wasting his time in divisions like Classic Physique and Men’s 212. Check out Raymond’s full video update above!

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