Kenny KO directly confronts Brad Castleberry about lifting fake weights.

Many people have been spreading the word – Brad Castleberry must be lifting fake weights. There is no real proof other than watching his videos and realizing that the amount of weight just doesn’t make sense. But that’s where it all ends – all speculation and no proof. Our friend Kenny KO is aiming to end all of that right now. Over the Olympia 2017 weekend, Kenny went to Castleberry’s booth to ask him up front and in person: “Do you lift fake weights?”

Let’s just say the remaining 5 minutes contains a whole lot of over the top yelling. Find out how Brad Castleberry responds inKENNY K.O.‘s latest video above!



  1. That POS Brad FAKEberry ran from the call out. Loved how he didn’t want to do ONE single lift of the weight he claims to move around like nothing. Acting a fool for the camera while the manager weaseled out of the callout in the background was epic

  2. Whatch his video doing cable cross over for chest… he’s doing the stack and looks ready to burst…. yet he’s setting world records using free weights. I’d think the stack would be extremely easy and lifted without the struggle. #generationiron

  3. And as usual his boyfriend Justin Lyons swoops in and starts taking up for him ( as he often does on his IG) trying to divert the attention away from Brad because Brad just starts blabbering and digs himself a deeper hole

  4. Seriously who gives a sh*t? Brad looks a hell of a lot better than Kenny KO and to this point is more well known and more successful. These assholes like Kenny, Nick Power and strength, and others are just trying to ride his coat tails for clickbait. The worst part is they all kind of end up circle jerking one another. Like when what’s his name from Tiger Fitness (so unimportant I can’t remember his name) “challenged him to a lift off. I don’t know if Brad even saw the challenge but he never acknowledged it and then when he doesn’t show up Nick called him out for “No showing the event” well no sh*t he “no showed” he never claimed he was coming and doubt he even knew about it. I’m so sick of this Brad Castleberry bullsh*t. When he put out the documentary style youtube video I thought he was a monster douche and never watched or followed any more of his content. I didn’t obsessively follow around and make a bunch of content to bring even more attention to him. At this point I think Brad is a genius because he marketed himself as a huge douchebag to get hate and now he’s laughing all the way to the bank while these dipshits and neverbeens fall for his bait.

  5. Who gives a fuck? It’s more pathetic that people give so much interest in this guy and it affects them in no way.
    People’s life must be pretty fucking boring if for the last 2 years they’ve been on his dick about his instagram videos.

  6. Technically, when you think about it the weights he lift isnt…”fake.” He NEVER specifies how much weight he lifts in his videos. If you put it in perspective, you’re getting triggered for nothing…You know for a fact, as well as I, that those plates in his videos aren’t 45 pounds a piece…but they are matter, and have weight to them. It’s all about perspective…

    • Ahhh I see. I just looked at his Instagram for the 1st time and he does specify a number in one of his videos curling. He says “sometimes lifting 315lbs seems heavy to me…” Hmmm…Not trying to defend the guy, but the way he was curling I have seen someone curl that much weight the way he was doing (very jerky, and quarter rep…bad form). Either hes a great actor, or sometimes lifting real weights…I dunno.

    • Everyone bags on him cause he takes insta pics with massive amounts of weight and says he broke world records but refuses to be in comps to prove it hes veen offered money and everything and doesn’t try to prove it I think that’s why all the hate

  7. If you claim to lift as much as you say and haters call you out by “fake weights” then what’s so hard to just do the lift and prove them wrong? I mean…. clearly if you hesitate or keep making excuses to prove the crowd wrong you’re hiding something. Just get it over with duh. I laughed way too hard at strength cartel calling him out in a previous video .

  8. Why is soft body Kenny who? wearing a cut off shirt with his Dad bod.

    Only Mike O’Hearn has had a physique worthy enough to call out Brad.

    Carlsbad 24hr fitness is where he goes. Nobody in the world will just show up because they’re too broke to travel there

  9. Somebody at the gym he lifts at should just film him from the time he arrives, see if any weights come from anywhere strange. He never lifts in an empty gym. Getting legit proof doesn’t seem like it would be all that hard. Everybody films everything today.

  10. Why’s everyone so upset? Kenny KO just asked Casselberry a question. People ask questions at the booth all the time. It’s starting to get weird that Casselberry won’t prove that he isn’t using fake weights. That gives away the answer. Must be fake. Oh well. He has to live with himself.

  11. What’s funny is generation iron is so lame they got nothing better to do then interview a worthless nobody about his fake weights. This should’ve been so highly anticipated that maybe this should’ve bean a interview for Shawn ray because it’s so important.

  12. Fake or not he doesn’t care. He’s going to ride this train for as long as he can. Negative publicity is still publicity. If he goes to prove they’re fake or real, it ends the discussion and it’s all done from there.
    So why wouldn’t he just keep this sharrad going? Get it?

  13. Why is everybody hating on my boy Brad though? suckers always wanna put someone down most people wish they had their own preworkout product that people knew of don’t hater the player hate the game!

  14. The reason why people should be bothered if he is lifting fake weights some poor young dude will try so so hard to lift that weight at what ever cost and could kill them selves that’s why you dumb ass.
    Of course this idiot is lifting fake weights as he did not want to accecpt the challenge he is a dick head

  15. He’s a comidian, his vids are funny, that’s the point haha, the more people get upset the funnier it is. He’s mocking the sport he’s obviously involved in, lots of people do this. Im pissed off, because I think they were using fake plates on the Saturday night live skit “pump you up” years ago, did anyone e challage those guys were those even real muscles haha idiots!!!

  16. The more people talk about this guy positive or negative the more money he’s going to make! Hell if he does lift fake weights? keep doing it.. apparently there’s a lot of people out there who are jealous that another man can lift more weights them. Who cares how much weight he can lift or can’t lift. How much can you lift? What’s your next PR? What ar3 you doing with your life? Worry about that stuff and leave this drama stuff alone.

  17. Thats actually cruel coming from generation iron. The guy bust his ass training and these losers which by the way they got nothing to match come in and say this crap. So Well done generation garbage


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