17 Days Out, Antoine Vaillant is Looking Shredded, Jacked, and on a Whole New Level

Antoine Vaillant is reaching a whole new level.

Bodybuilding can be a truly unforgiving sport. One day you can be on top, the next you can be considered the bottom of the barrel. But those who persevere can find that they can still better themselves and take their physiques to the next level. At one point in his career, Antoine Vaillant had hit a wall and while he by no means looked in bad shape, he still wasn’t pushing his physique to where it could be.

Now it appears that Antoine Vaillant has rededicated himself to the bodybuilding lifestyle and is looking to impress with his next showing at the Toronto Pro show. With this new dedication to constant improvement, Vaillant is looking to be in the best shape of his bodybuilding career.

While he may have some strong competition in the form of Regan Grimes at the Toronto Pro show, Antoine Vaillant is looking to prove something to not only the masses, but to himself as well. Take a look at the clip below to get a glimpse at his shredded form 17 days out from the show.

What do you think of Antoine Vaillant and his chances of winning the Toronto Pro show?

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