Generation Iron Pittsburgh Pro List

Who will show up at the famous competition this weekend?

The complete and official competitor list for this weekend’s Pittsburgh Pro has finally been made public. Who will be competing for top honors at this weekends event? Find out and start making your predictions. Here’s the complete list below:


Andrea Calhoun
Andrea Catnone
Rebecca Eger
Wendy Fortino
Allison Frahn
Vanessa Jacobs
Sophie Lagace
Julie Mayer
Monique Norval
Vivien Olah
Megan Olseon
Marnie Ong-Allegro
Samantha Rioux
Rinnah Schmid
Diana Schnaidt
Rebecca Schubeck
Tamara Sedlack
Suni Sweeney
Christine Watson


Michelle Ackerman
Stacey Alexander
Katherine Ampolini
Narmin Assria
Andrea Beam
Callie Bundy
Andreanna Calhoun
Anne Marie Caravalho
Adrienne Crenshaw
Jamie Del Angel
Joanne Holden
Courtney King
Tatiana Koshman
Stephanie Mahoe
Nicole markovic
Ashriel Osgood
Lovey Paiva
India Paulino
Jessica Pimental
Catherine Radulic
Satrice Rigsby
Casey Samsel
Cat Textoris
Kenea Yancey

Men’s Phyique 

Matt Acton
Sunny Akhigbe
Michael Anderson
Sam Andrews
Michael Balan
Nate Maumbick
Michael Dougherty
Damon Ford
Logan Franklin
William Gregory
Frank Griffin
Brian Hay
Michael Hughes-Lewis
Joseph Lee
Jacques Lewis
Qaadir Majeed
Dev Maxwell
Martin Mester
Aarin Moore
Kyle Moore
John Nguyen
Nick Olsen
Lorenzo Orozco
Geobanny Paula
Arash Rahbar
Daniel St. Peter
Eduard Seferi
A.J. Shukoori
Stephen Talamo
Ryan Terry
Pierre Vuala
Antoine Williams

Who do you think will get the top spots? Let us know in our comments below or start a conversation at our official Generation Iron Forum! Just click the banner below!

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