Generation Iron Western Cup 2015 Results

The first pro show of the year.

Can you feel it? That feeling in the air? The excitement in the pit of your stomach? That’s right boys and girls, competitions season is slowly rolling back into our lives. Yesterday was the IFBB Western Cup Physique Competition. The first Pro show of the 2015 and we’re excited to get right back into the swing of things.

Who ended up on top? Let’s take a look with our official results list:

Pro Men’s Physique

1. Frank Ortega
2. Joseph Lee
3. Patrick Fulgham
4. James Hurst
5. T.A. Martin
6. Tonnell Rodrique
7. Jonny Bernstein
8. Brandon Hendrickson
9. William Kitchen

There you have it. The first results of 2015. A major congrats to everyone who competed and especially those who got the top spots. You can keep expecting result reports from us all year – so make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to never miss a bodybuilding beat. Stay pumped.


Photo courtesy of Ron Avidan & NPC News Online.



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