2017 Arnold Classic Fitness Results

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Will Oksana Grishina Win Yet Again?

The Fitness International at the Arnold Classic is one of the most electrifying events of the weekend. It might not have the mass monsters like 212 or Men’s Open – but the originality behind the dance/gymnastic routines is amazing. Oksana Grishina has been killing it in every Fitness competition she competes in. Will she continue her streak? Find out in the results below:

2017 Arnold Classic Fitness Results

1. Oksana Grishina
2. Regiane Da Silva
3. Witney Jones
4. Bethany Wagner
5. Fiona Harris
6. Ariel Khadr
7. Missy Farrell
8. Tiffany Chandler
9. Rebecca Sizemore
10. Kristine Duba
11. Dominique Matthews
12. Aurika Tyrgale
13. Marta Aguiar
14. Ashley Sebera

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