2017 Arnold Classic Women’s Physique Results

And the champion of Women’s Physique is…

Women’s Physique division is cutthroat at the Arnold Classic. Unlike many other divisions in the weekend, the Women’s Physique starts with prejudging and only allows the top 10 to move onto the finals. It was a tight showing – but here are the final results for the Arnold Classic Women’s Physique:

2017 Arnold Classic Women’s Physique Results

1. Daniely Castilho
2. Sheronica Henton
3. Heather Grace
4. Brooke Walker
5. Autumn Swansen
6. Rosella Joseph
7. Jaquita Person-Taylor
8. Leila Thompson
9. Tomefafa Ameka
10. Antoinette Downie
11. Zoa Linsey
12. Candrea Judd-Adams
13. Diana Schnaidt
14. Lenore Gregson
15. B Barnett
16. Cinzia Clapp
16. Lorena Inarra Duque
16. Rocio Guillen
16. Hanna Hallman
16. Melanie Horton
16. Michelle Jin
16. Carrie Lawyer
16. Loan K. Leonard
16. Sandra Lombardo
16. Geraldine Morgan
16. Dona Pohl
16. Tamara Qureshi
16. Leonie Rose
16. Indrell Thomas
16. Margita Zamolova


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