2020 IFBB Europa Pro Results

The Europa Pro 2020 results are in. Who qualified for the Mr. Olympia?

This weekend held the IFBB Europa Pro 2020 in Alicante, Spain and it was certainly a highly anticipated event. As we inch closer to the Mr. Olympia competition this December, the door closes more and more for athletes to qualify for the big show. With the bodybuilding season being completely reorganized due to the pandemic – many shows were cancelled or postponed.

This brings extra excitement as many of the postponed Olympia-qualifying bodybuilding events have been happening in quick succession. The Europa Pro 2020 is one of many in a string of competitions that have been happening for the past month or so. Finally, it feels like bodybuilding is in full swing again.

The Europa Pro 2020 is one of the last chances for athletes to earn qualification into the Mr. Olympia. Due to this, the event has quite the stacked line up including Regan Grimes, Lukas Osladil, and Rafael Brandao.

IFBB Pro League bodybuilder Mamdouh Elssbiay, also known as “Big Ramy” from Egypt officially withdrew from competition at the 2020 Europa Pro Championships after testing positive for Covid-19 and was removed from IFBB Europa Pro 2020 Men’s Open lineup. Ramy insists fans should expect to see him on stage again in order to qualify for the Mr Olympia 2020. Big Ramy was a favorite to win the Men’s Open division to this show prior to testing positive for the coronavirus.

The IFBB Pro recently announced that the Top 3 Men’s Open Bodybuilding, Men’s 212, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Bikini, Figure and the Top 2 of Fitness, Women’s Physique, Women’s Bodybuilding will qualify for the 2020 Mr. Olympia. Well, the wait is over and the official IFBB Europa Pro 2020 results are slowly coming in. You can check them out below.

Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results

1. James Hollingshead
2. Lukas Osladil
3. Rafael Brandao
4. Regan Grimes
5. Samson Dauda

Official score cards below:

Europa Pro 2020 Men's Open Bodybuilding score card

Men’s 212 Results

1. Angel Calderon Frias
2. Oley Kryvyi
3. Vlad Chiriac
4. D’Angelo
5. Steve Benthin

Official score card below:

Europa Pro 2020 results Men's 212 score card

Men’s Classic Physique Results

1. Christian Zagarella
2. Maxime Yedess
3. Mike Sommerfield
4. Pavel Szotkowski
5. Joffrey Vassaux

Official score card below:

Europa Pro 2020 Classic Physique Score Card

Men’s Physique Results

1. Youcef Djoudi
2. Riccardo Croci
3. Dias Lubamba
4. Phillipe Deglia
5. Ramses Rams

Official score card below:

Europa Pro 2020 Men's Physique score card

Women’s Physique Results

1. Anne Mohn
2. Barbara Menhaj
3. Modesta Halby
4. Ivana Dvorakova
5. Oana Marinescu

Official score card below:

Europa Pro 2020 Women's Physique score card

Women’s Bodybuilding Results

1. Margarita Zamalova
2. Alena Hatvani
3. Barbara Carita
4. Claudia Partenza
5. Virginia Sanchez

Official score card below:

Europa Pro 2020 Women's Bodybuilding score card

Figure Pro Results

1. Rhea Gayle
2. Samantha Jerring
3. Brittany Campbell
4. Veroniva Gallego
5. Gabriela Linhartova

Official score card below:

Europa Pro 2020 Figure score card

Fitness Results

1. Minna Pajaluhaiti
2. Barbara Cadena
3. Tara Plum
4. Kamara Graham
5. Stacie Boyce

Official score card below:

Europa Pro 2020 results Fitness score card

Wellness Results

1. Angela Borges
2. Juliana Espeso
3. Casey Delong
4. Maria Paulette
5. Rosie Constantino

Official score card below:

Europa Pro 2020 results Wellness score card

Bikini Results

1. Stina Hansen
2. Phoebe Hagen
3. Franscesca Stoikel
4. Phoebe Hagen
5. Stina Hansen

Official score card below:

Europa Pro 2020 results bikini score card

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