2022 Denmark Pro Bodybuilding Results

Sotiris Gkatsis and Eszter Oczella earned victories at the 2022 Denmark Pro!

The qualifying season is coming to an end and the 2022 Denmark Pro acted as one of the final European qualifiers. Competitors from the Men’s Physique and Bikini divisions gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark to battle for some of the final spots in the biggest show of the year.

In the end, Sotiris Gkatsis and Eszter Oczella were able to win titles in their respective divisions. Now, they will have a chance to share the stage with the best from around the world.

The full results from the show have been announced. Below, checkout the full breakdown of the event, along with official score cards.

2022 Denmark Pro: All Division Winners

  • Men’s Physique: Sotiris Gkatsis
  • Bikini: Eszter Oczella

2022 Denmark Pro Breakdown

Men’s Physique

  • First Place – Sotiris Gkatsis
  • Second Place – Mohammad Ali
  • Third Place – Andrea Mosti
  • Fourth Place – Rafal Zabawa
  • Fifth Place – Waldemar Gustavvson
  • Sixth Place – Dawid Wachelka
  • Seventh Place – Oskar Tchorzewski
  • Eighth Place – Haider Mehdi
  • Ninth Place – Issac Tse


  • First Place – Eszter Oczella 
  • Second Place – Stine Hansen
  • Third Place – Mie Kristine Rommelhoff
  • Fourth Place – Regina Bonus
  • Fifth Place – Renata Nowak
  • Sixth Place – Amanda Wing Sham Lam
  • Seventh Place – Jessica Feeney
  • Eighth Place – Liliana Sakhanova
  • Ninth Place – Anna Setlak
  • Tenth Place – Stella Roberts

2022 Denmark Pro Official Score Cards

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