2022 UK’s Strongest Man Results: Paul Smith Takes Home The Title

Strongman UK's Strongest Man

The UK’s Strongest Man competition crowned another champion over the weekend.

The 2022 UK’s Strongest Man competition took place over the weekend in Milton Keynes, England. There were eight of the top strongmen from around the world that clinched a spot in the final. In the end, Paul Smith was crowned champion after a long weekend of events.

The finals consisted of five different events for the athletes to participate in. Gavin Bilton was looking to defend his title and was able to qualify for the final round. He finished with the bronze as Louis Jack was the runner-up to Smith.

The full results from the final round of the competition have been released. Checkout the final standings along with how each competitor fared in the five events in the final.

2022 UK’s Strongest Man: Final Standings

  • First Place – Paul Smith (ENG) – 33.5 points
  • Second Place – Louis Jack (SCO) – 26 points
  • Third Place – Gavin Bilton (WAL) – 25.5 points
  • Fourth Place – Cilléin Groom (IRL) – 24.5 points
  • Fifth Place – David Ramplee (WAL) – 24 points
  • Sixth Place – Matt Diamond (WAL) – 16.5 points
  • Seventh Place – Scott Milne (SCO) – 15 points
  • Eighth Place – Andrew Flynn (ENG) – 15 points


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2022 UK’s Strongest Man: Full Event Recap

Arm-Over-Arm Pull

This was a timed event with a 75-second cap. Competitors were to pull an 8,500kg truck down a 25-meter ramp as fast as they could. There was only one competitor who was able to complete the entire course.

  1. David Ramplee – 25 meters in 72 seconds
  2. Paul Smith – 18.35 meters
  3. Scott Milne – 17.7 meters
  4. Cilléin Groom – 14.05 meters
  5. Gavin Bilton – 13.1 meters
  6. Andrew Flynn – 7.35 meters
  7. Louis Jack – 7.2 meters
  8. Matt Diamond – 6.9 meters

Sandbag To Shoulder

Athletes were asked to lift a 150kg sandbag from the ground to their shoulder. This is not a timed event as competitors battled to see who could complete the most amount of reps.

  1. Paul Smith – Five reps (T-first)
  2. Gavin Bilton – Five reps (T-first)
  3. Cilléin Groom – Four reps
  4. David Ramplee – Three reps (T-third)
  5. Andrew Flynn – Three reps (T-third)
  6. Louis Jack – Three reps (T-third)
  7. Matt Diamond – Two reps
  8. Scott Milne – One rep

Squat For Reps

In this event, each athlete racked up as many reps as possible using a 250kg car. The champion was able to pull out the victory by a wide margin.

  1. Paul Smith – 28 reps
  2. Cilléin Groom – 22 reps (T-second)
  3. Matt Diamond – 22 reps (T-second)
  4. Louis Jack – 20 reps
  5. Scott Milne – 18 reps
  6. Gavin Bilton – 15 reps
  7. Andrew Flynn – 14 reps
  8. David Ramplee – 10 reps

Block Press

The athletes were tasked with lifting four blocks of different weights onto the platforms as fast as they could. They had 75 seconds to complete all four blocks.

  1. Louis Jack – Four blocks, 61.97 seconds
  2. Paul Smith – Four blocks, 66.23 seconds
  3. Matt Diamond – Three blocks, 48.64 seconds
  4. Gavin Bilton – Three blocks, 64.36 seconds
  5. Cilléin Groom – Three blocks, 70.08 seconds
  6. David Ramplee – Two blocks, 46.67 seconds
  7. Scott Milne – One block, 32.08 seconds
  8. Andrew Flynn – One block, 44.25 seconds

Flag Hoist

The flag hoist was the final event where athletes had 75 seconds to hoist flags as quickly as possible. There were five flags that went up in weight as they went down the line.

  1. David Ramplee – Four flags, 55.35 seconds
  2. Louis Jack – Three flags, 25.1 seconds
  3. Gavin Bilton – Three flags, 25.54 seconds
  4. Andrew Flynn – Three flags, 45.22 seconds
  5. Paul Smith – One flag, 5.94 seconds
  6. Cilléin Groom – One flag, 6.04 seconds
  7. Scott Milne – One flag, 12.9 seconds
  8. Matt Diamond – One flag, 20.7 seconds

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