2022 Yamamoto France Pro Bodybuilding Results

Patrick Johnson wins the 2022 Yamamoto France Pro bodybuilding show!

The 2022 Yamamoto France Pro took place on Friday and Saturday in France. Four divisions were on display, hoping to earn qualification to the 2022 Olympia. In the end, Patrick Johnson was able to win the competition to punch his ticket to the biggest show of the year.

Johnson has made improvements to his physique and has been able to perform well in recent weeks. He finished as the runner-up during the Arnold Classic UK and was able to put together a winning package in France.

The full results from the competition have been announced. Checkout the full breakdown of the event below, along with official score cards.

2022 Yamamoto France Pro: All Division Winners

  • Men’s Open: Patrick Johnson
  • Classic Physique: Wesley Vissers
  • Men’s Physique: Emile Walker
  • Bikini: Ottavia Mazza

2022 Yamamoto France Pro Breakdown

Men’s Open

  • First Place – Patrick Johnson
  • Second Place – Marc Hector
  • Third Place – Jamie Christian-Johal
  • Fourth Place – Sarhan Sarhan
  • Fifth Place – Ossama Ashour
  • Sixth Place – Anton Bippus
  • Seventh Place – Kille Kujala
  • Eighth Place – Martin Hernandez
  • Ninth Place – Rob Cannon
  • Tenth Place – Lionel Beyeke

Classic Physique 

  • First Place – Wesley Vissers
  • Second Place – Valeri Enchev
  • Third Place – Christian Zagarella
  • Fourth Place – Woilid Baatout
  • Fifth Place – Craig Morton
  • Sixth Place – Mohamad Al Baghdadi
  • Seventh Place – Luca Corrado
  • Eighth Place – Jesus Rodriguez Sendra
  • Ninth Place – Shane Cullen
  • Tenth Place – Dhorel Yengo-Fouani

Men’s Physique

  • First Place – Emile Walker
  • Second Place – Sidy Pouye
  • Third Place – Lorenzo Giachetti
  • Fourth Place – Omar Suleiman
  • Fifth Place – Tunde Hassan
  • Sixth Place – Isaac Francis
  • Seventh Place – Djallel Feidi
  • Eighth Place – Tyler Smith
  • Ninth Place – Daniel Leone
  • Tenth Place – Jean Desulme


  • First Place – Ottavia Mazza
  • Second Place – Eli Fernandez
  • Third Place – Allison Testu
  • Fourth Place – Ester Oczella
  • Fifth Place – Rukiye Solak
  • Sixth Place – Demi Chow
  • Seventh Place – Kerry Sexton
  • Eighth Place – Martyna Derlat
  • Ninth Place – Eleonora Sundas
  • Tenth Place – Chiara Smiljanic

2022 Yamamoto France Pro Official Score Cards

Men's Open Classic Physique Men's Physique Bikini

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