2023 Daytona Pro-Am Bodybuilding Results

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Here are the full results from the 2023 Daytona Pro-Am Bodybuilding Show!

The 2023 Daytona Pro-Am took place on Saturday in Daytona Beach, FL with four divisions being put on display with a trip to the 2023 Olympia at stake.

The Olympia qualification system has changed this year. If an athlete did not finish in the top three in the previous year, or top five in Men’s Open, they will have to win a show to qualify. The points qualification system is no more. Also, former winners of an Olympia title have lifetime eligibility.

The full results from the show have been announced. Below, check out the full breakdown, along with an official scorecard. 

2023 Daytona Pro-Am: All Division Winners

  • Men’s Physique: Kyron Holden
  • Figure: Nicole Zenobia Graham
  • Bikini: Ndeye Ndour
  • Women’s Physique: Marie-Solange Essoh

2023 Daytona Pro-Am Breakdown

Men’s Physique

  • First Place – Kyron Holden
  • Second Place – Clarence McSpadden Jr.
  • Third Place – Christopher Barr
  • Fourth Place – Brett Mario Jackson
  • Fifth Place – Sharif Reid
  • Sixth Place – Joshua Guidry
  • Seventh Place – Tyler Smith
  • Eighth Place – Winston Sullivan
  • Ninth Place – Kenyon Leno
  • Tenth Place – Ana Farhat


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  • First Place – Nicole Zenobia Graham
  • Second Place – Thais Cabrices Werner
  • Third Place – Kely Estrada
  • Fourth Place – Emily Hammond
  • Fifth Place – Danielle Rose
  • Sixth Place – Edith Driver
  • Seventh Place – Dr. Adrienne Matthews
  • Eighth Place – Courtney Jacobs
  • Ninth Place – Rachel Stuckert
  • Tenth Place – Kimberly Smith


  • First Place – Ndeye Ndour
  • Second Place – Jessica Nicole Dolias
  • Third Place – Noelle Agnew
  • Fourth Place – Janine Herrera
  • Fifth Place – Rachael Oberst
  • Sixth Place – Susana Aramayo
  • Seventh Place – Huong Mai
  • Eighth Place – Winitchanok Shao
  • Ninth Place – Maria Vegas
  • Tenth Place – Myra Colcord


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Women’s Physique

  • First Place – Maria-Solange Essoh
  • Second Place – Jada Beverly
  • Third Place – Heather Grace
  • Fourth Place – Heather Rigsby
  • Fifth Place – Andrea Alonso
  • Sixth Place – Laura Pyszora
  • Seventh Place – Jacqueline Hale
  • Eighth Place – Marysel Cruz Cruz
  • Ninth Place – Farrah Faulkner
  • Tenth Place – Taysir Orta

2023 Daytona Pro-Am Official Scorecards

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