Sometimes gym patrons can be really annoying.

When you head to the gym it’s all about focusing in on the task at hand, about training your body to make perfection. It should be about bettering your physical body in order to achieve your ultimate goals of aesthetics and athleticism. But not everyone shares the same ideas and notions. Some believe that going to the gym is simply their time to be alone and nothing more. Some believe its their time to do as they please without consideration for those that surround them.

We’ve all seen those incredibly annoying things some gym patrons can do when they’re at the gym. Some people completely disregard the working space of others and conduct themselves in a manner that suggests that they view the public space as their own personal gym.

So while it may be great to get in the gym and make positive changes to your health and well being, there are simply times where you’re going to encounter some very annoying and irritating people and situations in the gym.

Veteran old school bodybuilder Ric Drasin touches on some of the more annoying aspects of training at the gym that we can encounter on a daily basis and how it was different than training back in the day.

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