Sylvester Stallone Has Been Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A Teen In The ’80s

An old police report has resurfaced accusing the muscle-bound action 80’s star of sexual assault.

CBS’ Los Angeles affiliate has reported that Sylvester Stallone and his now-deceased bodyguard Michael De Luca have been accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl in 1986. According to a police report that was obtained by The Daily Mail, the alleged victim  met Stallone when they were staying at the same hotel while he was filming Over The Top. De Luca gave her the keys to Stallone’s room and invited her up, and when she did go up to the suite later, Stallone—as CBS puts it—”took her into a bedroom, where they had sex, while De Luca waited in the bathroom.”

Stallone later invited De Luca in and she was “forced into giving both men oral sex.” Afterwards, she says Stallone threatened her, saying he’d “beat her head in” if she told anybody about what had happened. She still went to the police and filed a report, but she declined to press charges and reportedly told the police, “I’m humiliated and ashamed, but I don’t want to prosecute.”



  1. I agree people should be outed for things they have done wrong. 100%. It Would be nice if things could be different but we can’t change the past. Thank God people can change. I know I have changed and evolved may times in my life. I’m lucky I’ve never done anything like this before but I still can’t imagine I would enjoy someone calling me out for some of the dumb things I have done in my life. Unless your calling me out when I do it…. let me say again people should be outed. But we are losing the effectiveness of these claims when we wait 20 plus years. Changes need to be made and thank God they are. People shouldn’t get away with this and the statue of limitation prevent any criminal charges. So public humiliation is the only justice that can be served at this point. Is it the most effective? I don’t think so. Let’s all hope for a change for the better and help these people speak up now and hell, let’s teach our kids what’s wrong and right when it comes to our to treat others and let’s just prevent this mess.

    • Should people be outed for lying and deceiving. Using the system just because it’s the woman against the man? Women are f***ing over guys with just the threat of him being ‘crazy’. And so she gets what she wants and he gets screwed. Believe me. It happens. Just to f*ck over your ex with bull shit accusations. They know how to use the system and lie to get control.

  2. I call BS on this one. No one who has met stallone has ever said anythibg bad about him and if they had to dig for the report obviously nothing came of it which in the 80s would have been major news.

  3. Wow! And I dont mean wow as if this didnt or couldnt have happened. I mean wow as in why after this many years does this show up? I’m just curious about how we let unproven statements immediately have us judging? It leaves doors open to all kinds of wrongful pursuit, but at the same time exposing what needs to be exposed? We are walking a fine line here…best to remember that we are all human and all flawed (at least to someones expectations?!)

  4. I don’t understand the stupid shit it’s like this is the new way of demonizing peopleif they didn’t report it immediately it should be invalid because if they didn’t report it immediately either they used it for personal gain or it didn’t happen and I mean this in any case Weatherby Stallone Roy more Weinstein anybody

    • Too funny.. Chris Gibbons… maybe that’s how he became the Italian stallion..all these assault allegations from 20..30..40 yrs ago… cra-cra..I just can’t see waiting that long to say something

  5. This must of been when he was training for the 1st Clubber Laing fight!!.. Mickey hated that place and wanted him to train in his usual gym. You could even see he was surrounded by females in cheerleading type attire. You also see him kissing a vibrant young lady whilst he’s on the exercise bike. Now I love Rocky. He is an absolute god but had he of listened to Mick and not got carried away he’d of won the fight and Mick would of still been here today.. ok. He’d of been in his 100’s….but he’d of been here!.. similar to Mike Tyson in a way. But Cus died first in that film.

  6. So the just want to remind us all now in 2017 what he was accused of back in the 80s???

    There was a police report?

    Does that mean that he was in court?

    Was he guilty? Verdict?

    Shame on you Generation Iron for sinking so low.

    And by the way just so you know, by doing this shit and thinking ”we dont care how people take it and we never accused him, we are just pointing out what he was accused for and not lying:

    When it comes out that he was innocent you have made the 16 year old girl a liar in peoples eyes !!!

    You think that you are just using Stallone just to make headlines but you did not think about the girl you just made a liar.

    Thank you Generation Iron.
    You just made us aware that 16 year old girls LIE about rape in the hope to blackmail rich actors.

    I feel sorry for the next girl that goes to court after being molested and raped and the scumbags go free because they dont beleve her and the atorney uses this as an example.

    Fuck you

  7. This bandwagon bullshit is starting to piss me off! It’s only everyone with money and some bird weirdos saying they were touched up because they’re skint! my heart goes out to REAL victims but this shits taking the piss!

  8. I knew something fishy was going on when everybody outed Weinstein in Hollywood. Lascivious behavior and Hollywood goes together like peanut butter and jelly, yet Hollywood is the first one to ACT like they care about social justice, but are the very provocateurs of the most viscous filth behind the scenes.


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