5 Days Out From Toronto Pro, Antoine Vaillant Looks Super Shredded

Antoine Vaillant is looking to make an impression at the Toronto Pro.

The Toronto Pro is right around the corner which means final preparations are being made for bodybuilders to fine tune their physiques. With so many potential big names competing, including California Pro winner Nathan De Asha, the competitors have their work cut out for them. Antoine Vaillant however isn’t phased and could be a front runner for first place.

With solid muscle and great proportions, Antoine Vaillant has proven himself to be a bodybuilder with tremendous potential. Vaillant has prepped well for the upcoming Toronto Pro and it shows in his posts on social media.

With just days to go until his steps on stage Antoine Vaillant is still prepping himself both physically and mentally. This posing routine shows off Vaillant’s hard earned muscle and how far he has pushed himself to getting to a high level of readiness.

Antoine Vaillant doesn’t appear to be slowing down one bit. With every passing day he’s putting in the work to ensure victory at the Toronto Pro.

How far will Antoine Vaillant go?

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