7 Ways To Quickly Improve Your Workouts And Make Massive Gains With GPLC

Everyone who hits the gym is looking for that edge.

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Everyone who hits the gym a lot is looking for that edge. We all want a new method to increase our gains, lose more body fat or improve our exercise performance.

But new training regimens and a new diet can only take you so far. Bodybuilders and athletes that are already on top of their diet take nutritional supplements to help them get even better results.

And recently one supplement in particular has exploded in popularity among gym rats:

GPLC (Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine) – a nitric oxide booster that actually has a substantial body of scientific evidence documenting its effects on physical performance.


  • enhances your pump
  • boosts your muscle gains
  • improves your physical performance
  • shortens your recovery time

…and does a whole lot more.

What Is GPLC?

GPLC is short for Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine. Here’s what that means:

  • L-Carnitine is an amino acid that your body uses to transport body fat, break it down and use it as energy. (It’s commonly used to lose fat.)
  • Propionyl is a derivative of it, that’s naturally produced in your body.
  • Glycine is an added molecule that increases the bioavailability and absorption into your bloodstream. It also acts as a potent nitric oxide booster on its own.

In short, GPLC is a dietary supplement that helps produce the energy your body needs for everyday tasks. It gives your body vital amino acids that build protein, building muscle and losing fat.

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GPLC is important for anaerobic performance, muscle movement, heart function, energy levels and many other key processes in your body. Extensive scientific studies show that it:

  • Increases nitric oxide production
  • Has a vasodilatory effect, dilating your blood vessels and increasing blood flow
  • Is necessary for the formation of creatine in your body
  • Is a potent antioxidant

Athletes who’ve used it notice everything from better pumps to increased stamina, shortened recovery times and overall better workouts.

Whether you’re trying to improve your workouts, gain muscle or lose fat – here are 7 reasons why you might want to consider throwing GPLC in your gym bag.

Reason #1: Boost Your Nitric Oxide Levels vit 4

Multiple scientific studies have shown that GPLC significantly elevates the levels of nitric oxide (NO) in your blood, which plays a key part in your muscle growth and power output.

Unlike most studies that are done on people who’ve never lifted a dumbbell in their lives, these studies were done on men who regularly do resistance training. If it works for them, it’ll probably work for you as well.

What’s fascinating is that GPLC elevates nitric oxide levels more so than perhaps any other ingredient. It’s more effective than the old-school L-arginine and AAKG (an arginine-related salt), which has been used for the past decade to boost nitric oxide production.

Why does this matter? Well, nitric oxide is a key molecule that plays some very important roles in your body, such as…

Reason #2: Enhance Your Muscle Pumps Through Increased Vasodilation

Nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator. When the NO levels in your blood rise, they expand the internal diameter of your blood vessels. This increases your blood flow, as well as the oxygen and nutrient transport to all surrounding tissues – including skeletal muscle.


As your muscles flood with more blood, you’ll get better muscle pumps. You know that nice tight feeling you get when lifting weights that lets you know you’re getting results? Well, GPLC gives you that immediate muscular pump that will last through and beyond your workout.

If you want a pump like you’ve never felt before – try GPLC.

Reason #3: Increase Your Muscle Growth

More than just giving you a temporary muscle pump, GPLC actually boosts your muscle gains.

That muscle pump you feel doesn’t just feel nice. It actually helps your muscles grow by kickstarting the muscle hypertrophy process.

Nitric oxide releases hepatocyte growth factor, which activates your skeletal muscle cells. These hover around your muscle fibers, and are usually activated in response to muscle fiber damage through exercise.

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When activated, they fuse together to form new muscle fiber, repair damaged muscle fiber or make existing muscle fiber even bigger. This means that spikes of NO can enhance your anabolic response to exercise – boosting your gains.


Reason #4: Increase Your Energy & Exercise Performance

Through improving your blood flow and delivering more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, GPLC can actually improve your overall exercise performance.

When your body gets the nutrients it needs to perform, your endurance, strength and power output all improve. Scientific studies indicate that this is the case.

GPLC also facilitates ATP and energy production, increasing your overall energy levels, exercise endurance and stamina.

So not only do your muscle pump and growth increase, your training will also be more effective with GPLC.

Reason #5: Decrease Lactic Acid (And Speed Up Recovery After Workouts)


The increased blood flow from nitric oxide brings more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. Moreover, it also carries away waste products to help you perform better and recover faster.

Normally, as you exercise, lactic acid builds up in your muscle that can cause some pain while working out.

GPLC decreases the levels of lactic acid and other waste products such as ammonia in your muscles. This increases the oxygenation of your muscles. The result? More endurance and stamina, less pain during workouts and faster post-workout recovery.


Reason #6: Burn Fat Faster

GPLC helps your body produce energy from stored body fat. It helps transport fatty acids from fat cells to the mitochondria in your muscle cells where they can be metabolized and used to produce energy.

In other words: it metabolizes your fat, helping you burn stored body fat faster (and lose weight).

Reason #7: A Known Antioxidant Fighting Free Radical Damage

GPLC acts as an antioxidant, leading a powerful fight against free radicals that are damaging your body.

These free radicals interfere with your physical performance and promoter greater fatigue rates in skeletal muscles.

But more importantly, by protecting your cells and DNA from oxidative stress, GPLC promotes healthy aging – keeping you youthful and full of vitality for as long as possible.

Take GPLC To Enhance Your Workouts (And Your Physical Results)

The bottom line: taking GPLC can do everything from improving your workouts, to your muscle gains, fat loss, recovery rate and your overall health.

With numerous scientific studies documenting its efficacy, and more coming out every year, GPLC is a proven way to boost your nitric oxide levels and get more results in the gym.

So, are you looking to build more muscle, improve your workouts or burn more fat?

Then try GPLC for yourself.

The research suggests that if you take at least 4.5 grams of GPLC daily, 15-30 minutes before your workout for at least 4 weeks, you will notice results in all these domains of your life.


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