74-year-old Bodybuilder Showcased Impressive Physique on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Bodybuilder Josefina Monasterio shows an incredible physique at age 74.

Josefina is a 74 year old bodybuilder from Vero Beach. Her “talent” is not what viewers would expect. Monasterio did not tell Judge Simon Cowell what she would be doing on stage during her audition in Pasadena, California earlier this year.

“People have to watch to see what happens,” Monsterio said on Monday, declining to tell her talent. “The audience could not stop laughing. It’s really entertaining.”

Monasterio says that she began weight train in 2005 in Vero Beach. She was 59 years old. She completed her first bodybuilding competition the same year, bringing home a first place win in her division.

Monsterio migrated from her hometown, Punta de Mata, Venzuela and went to Boston University to pursue her master’s degree in education. She worked as a teacher for about a decade. When Josefina moved to Florida, she received her doctoral degree in education from Nova Southeastern University. Since then, she decided to reside there in Vero Beach and has been there for 30 years.

Josefina hosted her own show, “Empowerment” for over 10 years. She also partnered with healthypowertv.com 9 years ago to producer a series called “The Dr. Josefina Way.

She now regualry posts different workout segments and videos on nutrition, yoga, and positive thinking on her YouTube channel and Instagram.

Monsterio always loved sharing her story and inspiring older women along the way. This prompted her to audition for America’s Got Talent in first place, she said.

“It’s not too late. Just because you turn 40 doesn’t mean your life is over; it’s really a new beginning,” Monasterio said. “I laugh, and I smile every time I think about how I was on the show. It was such a beautiful experience.”

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