Breon Ansley breaks down the problem with the vacuum pose and why it has no value as a mandatory pose.

A CONVERSATION WITH BREON ANSLEY – is a four part sit down interview with Breon Ansley – 2x Classic Physique Olympia champion and the man who set the standard for Classic Physique in its early years as a division. Breon discussed with director Vlad Yudin about the state of bodybuilding, his status as champion, and how Classic Physique puts a new perspective on the sport. New episodes air every Thursday!

Breon Ansley continues his sit down interview with director Vlad Yudin as we continue to dig deeper into the mind of the current Classic Physique Olympia champion. In Part 2, we break down another rival competitor of his, Arash Rahbar, and discuss whether or they try to throw each other off backstage right before competing against one another.

Breon also touches upon a hot topic as of late, the vacuum pose. There was rumor and fan demand to make the vacuum pose mandatory in the Classic Physique division – but this has led to a mixed reaction between many competitors, trainers, and experts. Breon has been an outspoken voice against making it mandatory. In today’s installment of our four part interview – Breon talks in depth about exactly why he doesn’t want it to be mandatory, and further, why he believes there are some serious problems with glorifying the vacuum pose technique.

Check it all out in Part 2 of A Conversation With Breon Ansley above!

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