Dexter Jackson discusses his legacy, why he didn’t retire after last year’s poor showing, and his chances to win Olympia 2019.

A CONVERSATION WITH DEXTER JACKSON – is a five part sit down interview with Dexter Jackson – the most decorated bodybuilders to ever exist in the sport including one Mr. Olympia win and five Arnold Classic victories. Dexter discussed with director Vlad Yudin about his legacy, his future, and the current state of bodybuilding. New episodes air every Thursday!

It’s no secret that Dexter Jackson is one of the most accomplished bodybuilders in the history of the sport. In fact, he has actually won more bodybuilding competitions than any other competitor ever. While many may use Olympia victories as the main indicator of talent in a bodybuilding athlete, Dexter is proof that there is more to professional bodybuilding than the Olympia through his consistency and amazing wins in a variety of top level bodybuilding competitions. This of course includes his one Mr. Olympia win in 2008.

Part of what gives claim towards Dexter being one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time is just how long and consistent he’s been competing successfully. Dexter’s age has often been brought up in conversation whenever discussing his current bodybuilding career – and that remains true in 2019. “When will he retire?” being the biggest question on fans’ minds.

After placing 7th at the 2018 Mr. Olympia, many thought that would be the quiet end of Dexter and the beginning of his retirement, but here we are in 2019 as he prepares to compete yet again in the Mr. Olympia. With so many shake ups in the line up this year (potentially removing Phil Heath, Big Ramy, and Shawn Rhoden from competing), 2019 might be the complete opposite of 2018 for Dexter. Perhaps he will reclaim the throne he earned in 2008.

In part one of our five part interview series, Vlad Yudin sits down with Dexter to discuss his legacy, his low placing last year, and his chances of winning the Olympia again over ten years later. Check it out above!

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