Dexter Jackson: “Men’s Open bodybuilding is the meat and potatoes of the sport.”

A CONVERSATION WITH DEXTER JACKSON – is a five part sit down interview with Dexter Jackson – the most decorated bodybuilders to ever exist in the sport including one Mr. Olympia win and five Arnold Classic victories. Dexter discussed with director Vlad Yudin about his legacy, his future, and the current state of bodybuilding. New episodes air every Thursday!

In the final part of our sit down interview with Dexter Jackson, The Blade discusses deeper about the other divisions in the sport and also the role social media plays as the magazine industry slowly fades away. Ultimately, Dexter stands strong on his opinions about Men’s Open bodybuilding being not only the foundation that keeps the entire sport together – but also the spotlight that will always stand tall among other divisions.

As the NPC and IFBB have continued to expand into new divisions allowing for a wider variety of shapes and sizes in competitive bodybuilding – the conversation has turned towards whether or not Men’s Open bodybuilding will stay on top or if another division could gain more popularity and become the headliner of the sport. But the way Dexter Jackson sees it, Men’s Open is the lynch pin that keeps all of the other divisions together. Surely, these newer divisions are finding success and plenty of athletes and fans to follow along – but if Men’s Open wasn’t there to carry the load and spearhead each major event, the rest of it would fall apart.

That’s why Dexter Jackson is proud to be a bodybuilder and still competes to this day. As the interview series comes to a close, Dexter explains how his passion for the sport is what has kept him competing all these years despite having won every major bodybuilding show and being the most decorated athlete in the history of the sport.

Bodybuilding is his foundation just as it is the foundation of the entire IFBB. Why would he retire only to move on to a different job that he loves less? Ultimately, he’s making a living enjoying his passion every single day. That’s all anyone could ask for – and it’s what drives Dexter to continue to be a top bodybuilder to this day.

Check out the final part of A Conversation With Dexter Jackson above.

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