King Kamali and Vlad Yudin trade thoughts on all things Olympia before the big show tonight.

A CONVERSATION WITH KING KAMALI – is a four part sit down interview with King Kamali – a bodybuilder who has ensnared the industry with his candid and sometimes controversial statements about the current state of the sport. Kamali discussed with director Vlad Yudin about his past bodybuilding career, the future of the sport, and the current hot topics in bodybuilding today. New episodes air every Friday!

There’s no dancing around the fact that this year’s Mr. Olympia competition has been a roller coaster leading up to this weekend. Big Ramy didn’t qualify to compete possibly due to an injury, Shawn Rhoden was banned from competing due to alleged sexual assault, and Hadi Choopan not only suddenly showed up in the United States to compete – but will be competing in the Men’s Open instead of his traditional Men’s 212 division. Phil Heath is taking a year off and Flex Lewis has retired from his Men’s 212 reign. We are looking at a completely different Olympia than the year before.

But this kind of change seems to stem from a slower and longer shift that many have been discussing in bodybuilding for quite some time. Has the Olympia become less of a pinnacle of the sport in recent years?

Since we are on the very final hours before the Olympia 2019 weekend kicks off later tonight – this week’s episode of A Conversation With King Kamali sees Vlad and Kamali debate back and forth their opinions on all things Olympia leading up to the big show. They discuss whether or not Shawn Rhoden should have been banned, if Hadi Choopan is making the right move to be in Men’s Open (and if he can even place well), and also if the Olympia as a whole is losing it’s value as the entire industry changes.

It’s a jam packed episode full of Olympia hype just before the big show – so make sure to check out Part 2 of A Conversation With King Kamali above!


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