Nick Trigili reveals the reasoning behind his controversial video.

A CONVERSATION WITH NICK TRIGILI – is a six part sit down interview with Nick after his explosive and controversial Instagram video showcasing exactly how to inject steroids into your delts. In an industry that shuns talk of steroids, Nick is surprisingly vocal. Vlad Yudin sat down with Nick to get the full story… exposing a side of bodybuilding you may not have known exists.

Nick Trigili made waves on social media and in the bodybuilding industry with the posting of an Instagram video that explained in detail how to inject steroids into your delts. Falling just short of actually showing a live injection – Nick used a pencil to show an example of how to properly inject PEDs into your arm.

In part 2 of our conversation with Nick Trigili, Vlad digs deep to find the true reasoning as to why Nick felt he needed to put himself on the line and release the video. This isn’t just a one and done video to grab attention – he wants to bring eyeballs onto some unspoken truths about bodybuilding as a lifestyle… and hopefully help young aspiring bodybuilders to make the right choices as they progress throughout their life as a bodybuilder. Check out part 2 above!

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