Nick Trigili pulls from his personal experience about the very dark side of insulin.

A CONVERSATION WITH NICK TRIGILI – is a six part sit down interview with Nick after his explosive and controversial Instagram video showcasing exactly how to inject steroids into your delts. In an industry that shuns talk of steroids, Nick is surprisingly vocal. Vlad Yudin sat down with Nick to get the full story… exposing a side of bodybuilding you may not have known exists.

The conversation revolved around drugs in bodybuilding has always been a deep grey area – and one that the media likes to try and expose and villainize the sport. And while the there are good cases on both sides of the drugs and bodybuilding debate… one specific thing has been coming up more recently in conversation – insulin. With the recent deaths of Rich Piana and Dallas McCarver, rumors have spread about the use of insulin playing a part in their deaths. While this hasn’t been proven to be true, even athletes have stated that insulin could be a very dangerous drug to use if not handled correctly.

Following up on Nick Trigili’s controversial video showcasing how to correctly inject steroids, we pushed further into the kind of blunt honest truth that Nick has been keen on revealing as of late. In part 4 of our interview series, Nick goes in depth about just how dangerous insulin can be. He talks about the misconceptions (both good and bad) and his personal experience using insulin himself.

Is insulin a drug that should be avoided by bodybuilders? Learn the unspoken truths about this controversial drug in the full episode above!

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