The final moments between Nick Trigili and Dallas McCarver.

A CONVERSATION WITH NICK TRIGILI – is a six part sit down interview with Nick after his explosive and controversial Instagram video showcasing exactly how to inject steroids into your delts. In an industry that shuns talk of steroids, Nick is surprisingly vocal. Vlad Yudin sat down with Nick to get the full story… exposing a side of bodybuilding you may not have known exists.

Ever since Nick Trigili released his “how to inject steroids” video – he’s been making a habit of being brutally honest about the unspoken truths in bodybuilding. In our latest installment of ‘A Conversation With Nick Trigili’, Nick goes into detail about the death of Dallas McCarver and reflects on the last conversation he had with Dallas before his untimely passing.

In Nick’s opinion, no bodybuilder should get that big that fast and Dallas’ passing is an unfortunate eye opener for many athletes in the bodybuilding industry. In fact, Nick’s last conversation was about Dallas’ health and it’s one that Nick wishes he had the time to follow up with one more convo before Dallas left us, bodybuilding, and this planet behind.

We’ll surely miss Dallas McCarver, and this episode acts as Nick’s tribute to the lost bodybuilder with so much promise. Check out part 5 of ‘A Conversation With Nick Trigili’ above.

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