Adrian Pietrariu talks about the bigger picture outside of bodybuilding and why all natural is the way to go.

Adrian Pietrariu is one of the top natural bodybuilders in the INBA/PNBA. He was also one of the featured athletes in our latest documentary – Generation Iron: Natty 4 Life. Pietrariu is a firm believer in staying all natural and relying on consistency for a long and strong life. While he does compete, he believes there is a world and life beyond bodybuilding. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Adrian Pietrariu discusses how chasing steroids for fame is a waste of time… because the bigger “real world” doesn’t know who most of them are.

During our conversation with natural bodybuilder Adrian Pietrariu, we got on the topics of why people would choose to use steroids. Some claim that beyond performance enhancements, it can lead to a stronger body for a longer life. Others believe that the drugs are worth it in order to become a famous bodybuilder. Pietrariu disagrees with all of that.

Adrian Pietrariu stands with science on his side. He believes in what experts state – that long term steroid use and abuse can lead to serious health risks down the road. So that puts the nail in the coffin on the argument that steroids help with longevity. Perhaps longevity in competing, yes, but not in life.

When it comes to chasing fame, Adrian Pietrariu also finds that concept foolish. Pietrariu claims that, for him, competitive bodybuilding is just a small part of his lifestyle. He enjoys being shredded and in massive shape – but for himself and his own health. The competitions are just an added bonus for fun. He understands that many other bodybuilders are looking for fame and success – especially in the untested leagues. But to Pietrariu, he’s looking at the bigger picture.

“You’re not on stage every day. You’re on stage however many times you’re competing that year for five/ten minutes and then nobody knows who you are buddy.” Adrian Pietrariu states in our interview. He knows that some find success on magazine covers and through sponsorships – but that’s only in the small niche of bodybuilding and not the bigger picture. He continues,  “There are not that many bodybuilders, even if they take drugs, that are famous.”

Adrian Pietrariu posting on the natural bodybuilding stage (above).

Adrian Pietrariu makes it clear that natural bodybuilding is not a sport for him – it’s a lifestyle choice. He wants to be as healthy as possible by staying natural. He also wants to have an incredible physique without the help of drugs. Stage or no stage – this is the kind of body he wants. Family, giving back to the community, and living a life outside of bodybuilding are all important factors in Pietrariu’s life.

One day a bodybuilder has to retire… and then what? Pietrariu would rather live a life being capable and healthy. He thinks many of these enhanced bodybuilders face a lot of struggles and health issues later in life due to steroid use. To Pietrariu, it’s not worth it.

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