Adrian Pietrariu answers: If a bodybuilder needs steroids for legitimate medical reasons, can they be considered natural bodybuilders?

Natural bodybuilding leagues make it clear that they have a strict stance on steroid us in the sport. The Professional National Bodybuilding Association will ban athletes who fail the test for life. They also place them on a “Wall Of Shame” website. But what if someone needs to take steroids for legitimate medical reasons? Are they not allowed to compete? Are they not considered natural bodybuilders? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Adrian Pietrariu explains why he still strictly considers this category of athlete not natural.

The world is a complicated place and unfortunately not one size can fit all when it comes to making rules and regulations. Nothing can be truly cut and dry if society attempts to be inclusive of all walks of life. Which brings us to natural bodybuilding. If an individual needs to be on steroids medically, can they still be considered natural bodybuilders? Can they still compete?

During our conversation with pro natural bodybuilder Adrian Pietariu we asked him this very question. Would he be willing to compete against a bodybuilder who was on steroids for medical reasons. For Adrian, the answer is a strict no.

While this may sound heartless at first, Adrian Pietrariu goes further to explain his reasoning. According to Adrian, if there is a genetic reason why a bodybuilder would need to be on steroids, there should be no handicap or exception given to the athlete. Why? Adrian compares it to playing basketball. Adrian loves playing basketball but he understands that he is genetically too short to succeed as a pro in the sport. Just because he was given bad genetics for basketball, doesn’t mean he should be allowed to wear stilts and go out on the court.

While it may be unfair for a bodybuilder with genetically low testosterone to gain advantage against other genetically blessed athletes, Adrian Pietrariu doesn’t believe it’s the leagues job to accommodate exceptions for them.

There’s also no guarantee that this won’t lead to a slippery slope. If you make an exception for a low testosterone individual – it would be impossible to further test to see if latest the athlete over used the substances to get an advantage. In order for the league as a whole to stay clean, it needs to be strict about drug testing. Exceptions leave openings for an unfair competition. It leaves room for doubt.

You can watch Adrian Pietariu’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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