After 6 Month Lay Off, Ronnie Coleman is Training 5 Days a Week?!

Ronnie Coleman is training like a savage!

Ronnie Coleman is back in the gym training 5 days a week once again after a 6-month layoff. The eight-time Olympia champion has had a hard few years undergoing multiple surgeries, each more severe than the next.

But even though he’s gone under the knife several times in the last few years, Ronnie Coleman is looking to get back into shape the only way he knows how: through tireless training.

despite the surgeries Ronnie Coleman is still managing to keep it well-muscled physique. The GOAT may not be what he was in his prime, but his work ethic has remained, training hard in hopes of rebuilding his physique to its former glory.

Finally given the OK to train by his doctor, Ronnie Coleman is back in the gym and training 5 days a week with 2 days devoted to physical therapy. Take a look at Ronnie Coleman’s latest Instagram post featuring the former eight-time Mr. Olympia training just as hard as ever.

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