After Winning NY Pro, How Far Can Regan Grimes Go In Classic Physique Division?

Regan Grimes looked massive compared to the competition.

So it was on again, off again, on again for Regan Grimes in the last few months. While he first joked around and toyed with the idea of heading to the Classic Physique division, the young Canadian bodybuilder eventually went on record to state that he’d be staying in the Open Weight division.

Fast forward to the NY Pro and Regan Grimes stepped on stage, only it wasn’t for the Open Weight category. No, Grimes would compete in the Classic Physique division after all. Not only did he compete in the division, but he won the contest as well.

While the dance of will he, won’t he was entertaining, the real question now is what is Regan Grimes set to do now? Will he remain in the Classic Physique division or will he eventually return to Open Weight?

Right now the competition in the Classic Physique division is pretty tough, but Grimes has one thing on most every athlete in the category. His size advantage makes him a larger than life presence on stage. That same advantage can draw the eyes of both the fans and the judges.

He was even able to beat out Divine Wilson who many believed deserved the nod at the NY Pro. But Regan Grimes cutting such a large presence on stage could be a major benefit to beating out some of the best physiques in the division.

Whether the weight cut becomes too much for him to manage in the future is something we’ll have to wait and see. For now, the Classic Physique division just got more interesting with Regan Grimes joining the fray.

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