Akim Williams believes Classic Physique is certainly good for the sport…

…but it’s popularity will wane after the “new-ness” wears off. Jeremy Buendia recently made a statement that the newer divisions saved Men’s Open Bodybuilding – calling the Open division “dead” and only sustainable due to the new division’s popularity.

Classic Physique’s explosion could be good proof of Jerem Beundia’s words – as many believe it’s the one devision that can eclipse Men’s Open Bodybuilding in due time.

Akim Williams is not one of those people. While new divisions are always a good addition to the sport – he doesn’t have a fear that Open Bodybuilding will be dying anytime soon. As Akim perfectly puts it – Men’s Open Bodybuilding started everything. It’s the core of the sport. It will always have a place in the world of bodybuilding.

But what of Classic Physique’s recent explosion in popularity? Akim believes this is all due to the fact that the division is still new. It’s like a honeymooning period in relationships. Soon the repeat champions will set in – the fresh excitement will wear off, and it’s popularity will fade.

Do you agree? Watch the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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