Stanimal puts himself through one more gauntlet before preparing to leave for Vegas & Olympia 2018.

ALL EYES ON OLYMPIA – is a docu-series focusing on Stanimal De Longeaux’s final four weeks of Classic Physique training and prep for the Olympia 2018. Each episode gives an inside look at a full day of diet, training, and mental preparation before the biggest bodybuilding event of the year. Track Stanimal’s progress up to and through the Mr. Olympia 2018 in this all access digital series! New episodes air every Monday and Thursday!

Well it looks like Stanimal was able to fit in one more Gold’s Gym training session with Shawn Rhoden after all! With only seven days left before the Olympia 2018, Stanimal and Shawn put themselves through one final hardcore workout at Gold’s Gym before preparing to head out to Vegas.

Looking dry and in better condition than we’ve ever seen him, Stanimal remains focused as these final days can make or break the final look of a bodybuilder’s physique on the stage. We also follow Stanimal get prepared to travel over to Vegas (buying a fresh new suit to look classy!).

And in the closing moments, Stanimal reflects back on his entire journey from his dreams of being a soccer player all the way to moving up to Classic Physique and preparing for this year’s Mr. Olympia. He passes some final words of wisdom about the nature of dreams and hopes to inspire up and coming bodybuilders to not only follow their dreams but one day surpass the greats of today to give new hope and new bars of achievement for the future.

Watch the full episode of All Eyes On Olympia above!

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